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What are you thoughts should we still be hopef…

What are you thoughts should we still be hopeful? Or just prepare ourselves for the worst

I will have a proper response to this tomorrow – when I am less in need of sleep and have thought about things more – but for now…I’d just say that any show where Tom James and Selina are ‘in love’ despite all their…everything, is always going to have a slightly skewed view of romance.  Other partners, marriages, divorces, massive personal betrayals… none of them necessarily have much bearing on whether people love each other or not, at least in Veep.

In the meantime, I don’t know if this will make anyone feel better, but a speculative What Might Have Been, based on some of what we know about the rest of the season: Future Imperfect.

(I wrote this really, really quickly, so please forgive its many, many faults).

I know this AU is absolutely CRAZY but hear me…

I know this AU is absolutely CRAZY but hear me out- it’s a bit gone girl tbh. Buddy loses the election and he is horrible horrible terrible and Amy just snaps and kills him one day and she calls dan to hide the body because even though they haven’t spoken in a long time who else would it be . I KNOW ITS A CRAZY AU BUT I WAS INSPIRED BY A SHIP QUESTIONNAIRE @stephen-colbert DID AND JUST GOD I WANT ALL THAT DARKNESS AND SNARK

Dear anon

Always remember – I never delete a prompt:

What Might Have Been, Chapter Ten:You Win or You Die

This isn’t quite what you asked for, I don’t think… but then I’m not sure I’m quite the right writer for this topic.  What I’ve written is the only way I could see something like this happening within the world of the show… but other writers may have a different view (which I would be interested to see).

Warning, this gets a little dark.  And I have no idea how the legal system in the States works, and while I did some research, I have no doubt it is horribly, horribly garbled.  Apologies in advance.

Heyy, I love your fics especially the ones in …

Heyy, I love your fics especially the ones in What Might Have Been, and I don't know if you take prompts or even where this would fit, but I'd love to reed a veep fic based on the parks and rec episode "the fight". Only because I'm convinced that if this happened, Dan and Amy would spend half the night fighting and then making out on the bathroom lol

Dear anon,

Better late than never, as I always say.  It took me a while to figure out a way this could actually work, but behold – Chapter Nine: Once Bitten, in which, after being made Campaign Manager in 3.05, Dan decides to go to the bar with everyone else.

I hope this lives up to what you had in mind!

An AU where buddy isn’t horrible, Amy st…

An AU where buddy isn’t horrible, Amy stays on and Dan doesn’t get the girl

Dear anon.

This probably isn’t exactly what you had in mind – but behold… What Might Have Been, Chapter Eight.

Summary: In Nevada, Amy meets (and eventually marries) Buddy Calhoun, political rockstar. AU starting from 5.02.

(This may get a bit more…emo than my usual fic, but hopefully it still works). 

Can we hope for another chapter of what might …

Can we hope for another chapter of what might have been anytime soon?

Dear anon:
Chapter Seven: AU starting from 5.09 (I guess). Amy doesn’t get pregnant the first time.

I think this will be the last of the What Might Have Been’s for a while, for the simple reason that I can’t think of any others.  

Well, there’s the ‘what if they never met before the show’ one, but that would be so enormous I simply don’t have time to write it now.  And there’s the ‘what if’ Amy’s messages got to Dan in 5.02 (in which case he almost certainly wouldn’t have seen them until after he’d finished with Sophie…) but I don’t see that scenario ending well at all.

Anyway – enjoy!

What Might Have Been

Chapter Six: Repent at Leisure

Instead of driving home on that fateful evening, Buddy takes a taxi, and events unfold rather differently.  (It’s a sign of how poorly used Amy’s character was in season 6 that lifting her out of the back half doesn’t actually change how events unfolded in any substantial way).

What Might Have Been

Chapter 3: Gone Horribly Right

AU starting from 5.02.  The conversation in the bar goes just a little differently.

(I almost didn’t finish this, because today I had to go to a dentist appointment followed by a networking event, and honestly, I’m not sure which was worse.  Some of Dan’s talent at schmoozing people would not go at all amiss).

Drunk Enough to Say I Love You

Drunk Enough to Say I Love You:

AU starting from 4.04 – Amy stays for one more drink.