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Veep, 7.04, South Carolina

1. Oh man, I am ashamed of how much I enjoyed that. Dan, you fucking moron.

I mean, we always knew he was going to get fired some day because of his dick, but this is such a stupid, stupid way for it to happen. Having a one-night stand with his candidate who he knows has negative loyalty, even to Tom James, who she actually seems to love. Why on earth did he think having sex with Selina would get him anything? She’s not Amy, she doesn’t go around developing genuine attachments to people, she messed around Charlie Baird who she actually liked, so how he thought he would be safe I can’t imagine.

But it was very cruel of the showrunners to give me shirtless Reid Scott in a scene where I couldn’t enjoy the view, because I was too busy laughing at what stupid, stupid choices he was making. Like, dude, this is why settling down with Amy really would have been a better option for you – you would have been having just as much sex, you would have at least one person who would always be on your side AND that person is someone you actually seem to like. (At some point, forty years from now, he’s got to realise what a cock-up that was).

I said he was spiralling, but this really seems like it. He’s going to wind up a D.C. joke, no two ways about it.

2. Question: how can Selina fire Dan? Has BKD been wound up permanently?

3. Oh Selina. Sleeping with Dan – really? I mean, really? For what it’s worth, I’d assume she’d made the decision to fire him before they had sex – hence giving in and going for it. Can you imagine what the scene of the two of them…flirting their way into sex must have looked like? How do two people that narcissistic listen to the other person long enough to actually get down?

We’re going to find out there’s some competitive bullshit with Amy at the back of this, a kind of “anything you can do, I can do better” type of thing. I remember joking with @selina-meyer that the only thing Selina would ever want from Dan is sex – but I still think she can do better.

4. Proof of my theory that Dan and Selina are terrible, terrible soulmates – she throws him away just as callously as he has to dozens of women. Not so much fun when the boot is on the other foot, right?

5. The shark in the Keith Quinn suit emerges. Interesting – and far more subtly done than any other political operator in Veep. And people think Amy sabotaging Dan in London was cold. That said, taking out Dan is nothing that impressive – since he was virtually guaranteed to fuck himself into trouble sooner or later.

6. I’m assuming that Mike is going to “remember” his conversation with the Chinese at a suitably dramatic moment.

7. Selina, Selina, Selina, how many times have we been over this? Tom James is only ever nice to you when he’s about to sabotage you in some surprising and cold-blooded way. Watching all of this play out is making the length of her marriage to Andrew more intelligible, I’ll say that.

8. Dressing Amy up in Kellyanne Conway drag, didn’t really work – Anna Chlumsky is just too young and…healthy looking for it to quite land. Funnily enough, I always thought that was a likely trajectory for Dan.

9. The lengthy “dog-whistle” discussion was not nearly as funny as the writers thought it was.

10. Selina gives the signal that she’s willing to have the Chinese sabotage the election, because when it comes down to it, she can’t stomach standing up in front of a black congregation and justifying police brutality. So instead she disenfranchised tens of thousands of black voters. I guess this is what happens when the three percent of what used to be her conscience gets activated.

11. I’m curious where they’re going with the Hero!Richard thing. It’s interesting for me that for all Veep is about supposedly cut-throat politicians, none of the candidates we see are ever intentionally successful – they just bumble-fuck their way into a victory without ever realising how or why it’s happening.

12. If Jonah’s hot new Secret Service Guy is Amy’s new boyfriend (he’s in the cast for the final three episodes, so it seems possible) I think it’s clear that, between him and Marjorie, the route to personal happiness in Veep is getting it on with the Secret Service.

13. On a Veep Style front, we saw the first incarnation of Amy’s new look, and, surprise surprise, it’s not quite right – she’s got the dress sorted, but the hair and make-up are still being nailed down. Growing pains are to be expected.

She’s kind of getting a new lease of life from Jonah’s campaign I think – they’re doing so badly, there’s really nothing for her to lose, so why not go balls to the wall and get everything she can from it personally?

14. I was hoping for more from Keegan-Michael Key. He could have done that part in his sleep.

I honestly don’t think she’s pregn…

I honestly don’t think she’s pregnant in that picture. I think it’s just a bad angle. And wouldn’t it be redundant to make her pregnant again?

Well, anon, agree to disagree.  I think she is more pregnant looking than she was in the early season pics, and I called those ones right.  (Though she doesn’t look in the least bit pregnant in most of the other late season pics of her we’ve seen – which makes me wonder if there’s a small jump from the election to the inauguration, and the white dress pic comes after it).

As for whether it’s redundant – that’s precisely what I was trying to get at.  It’s redundant if Amy makes the same choice.  But she may not.  She may make a very different choice.

Or, you’re right and I’m wrong and the issue won’t come up again.  It’s certainly a possibility – I’m often wrong.  But the situation as it stands leaves a bad taste in my mouth, so I’m hoping I’m not.

Based on the very short clip with Amy in it in…

Based on the very short clip with Amy in it in the promo, it looks like she’s gone back to blues and she’s wearing a similar collared dress to the one selina wore last episode at the beginning. What do you think this means??? Or am I looking too much into it?

To be honest, I didn’t get a good enough look at it to really judge. (And I’ve tried pausing the video but it hasn’t help). Also, I’m not sure which dress of Selina’s you mean?

I do wonder if Amy’s “transformation” is explicitly a campaign move – they want to have someone palatable as a face for the campaign, would prefer it to be a woman (since Jonah is so offensively sexist), and want her to look as good as possible for it.

In which case, assuming Dan moves campaigns by 7.05, he may be involved in the way I had originally speculated.

If Amy attracts someone new on a permanent basis, directly after Dan’s makeover, I won’t know what to think.

That said, this is all just speculation at this point. There could be any number of reasons.

(The bondage dress is the one I’m really curious about)

when will dan’s blue suits come back bec…

when will dan’s blue suits come back because this grey look he’s got going on atm is really not working for me

The very dark grey suit he’s wearing in 7.04 isn’t Reid Scott’s best colour, I agree.

The thing is though, I thought both he and Amy looked great in the opening scene of 7.01 – the electric blue of her dress and the dove grey of his suit played off each other beautifully.  

But going by the 7.04 promo, not only is everyone in Selina’s entourage wearing some shade of grey, the plane has also gotten darker.  

Things are not going well, in other words.

My guess would be that, much like in season 4, proper colour will re-enter Dan’s life when Amy does.  But it really is just a guess – we haven’t seen enough pictures to be know much of anything.

A veep style question: for the first few episo…

A veep style question: for the first few episodes amy has been wearing flats which we can assume is for practically but do you think they’ve also done it on purpose to make amy shorter and ‘inferior’ to the rest of Selina’s team. And if that’s the case, do you think that when she moves away from Selina and gets her ‘glow up’ she’ll start wearing heels again to kind of symbolise her ‘rising above’, so to speak, and coming back into herself??

I think it’s absolutely purposeful – it’s to make her look small and vulnerable, especially beside Dan who is a full foot taller than she is, and easily twice as wide. Notice that the one time in the entire history of the show when they want Dan to seem protective – when he walks her into the clinic – they have her in flats, and they dress Dan all in black, so that he looks even more imposing beside her.

But this also applies to Selina, because when JLD is in heels and Anna Chlumsky isn’t, there can easily be a five to six inch height difference between them.

There was a fabulous shot in the first episode where Amy was standing in the middle of a circle of Kent, Richard, Dan and Ben – all of whom come to close to six feet tall if not above it, and in case completely overwhelm tiny little Amy. And then Selina approaches – in her heels – and they all talk about how to resolve the problem. Literally over Amy’s head.

For practical reasons, I think she’ll have to be back in heels in the next episode – how else do you get Anna Chlumsky into shot with Tim Simmons? But it will also have the effect of making her look more imposing, and thus ‘in control.’ (Though there are ways of making smallness read powerfully on screen – they do it with Selina all the time).

wecouldstillbegreat: New stills from 7×04, So…


New stills from 7×04, South Carolina, 1/?

Everyone on Selina’s plane is wearing a shade of gray. It’s actually kind of similar to how things were in season 1, when only Selina got to wear colours – it makes Selina stand out, but it gives the scene a rather drab appearance at the same time – everything’s beige or gray or white. I still think that dark gray on Dan – combined with the excessive bronzer – leaves him looking a bit grim. He has apparently started dyeing his hair again.

Notice how the coral colour of her dress matches the font in her poster? She was wearing white light blue in the previous episode’s promo pics – basically extending her campaign branding to her wardrobe, so that no matter what, Selina ‘owns’ those colours.

Weirdly, Little Richard looks smaller than he did in episode 1 – so maybe there isn’t a time jump? Though he looked a good six months older than he should have in the first episode, so I’m not sure his age is reliable “where in space-time are we?” factor. Going by Catherine’s wardrobe, as well as the extras in the Teddy scene, I’d say we’ve moved into late autumn, at least.

wecouldstillbegreat: New stills for 7×03, Pled…


New stills for 7×03, Pledge, 2/2

Couple of Veep Style thoughts.

Selina’s white dress is almost an exact replica of the red one she wore to announce her campaign in season 3 – just white instead of red, and with longer sleeves. I think there’s both an in and out of show reason for it.

Within the show, Amy commented about Selina coming full circle in the first episode – so the repetition is probably a reference to that. Outside of the show, wearing all white has become a kind of visual shorthand for female politicians ever since Hilary Clinton walked out to accept her nomination in a white pantsuit. Clinton intended it as a reference to the suffragettes – and Selina has already shown a willingness to use that imagery in her campaign.

I find it interesting that the colour of Leon’s suit so clearly sets him apart from the rest of Selina’s team – he’s an outsider. Selina’s blouse and the check of Amy’s dress are in similar, light colours, but that’s it.

Also, look how tight Amy’s dress is. All her costumes so far this season have been relatively loose, an attempt to conceal her baby bump (which I think speaks more to her own self-consciousness about it, because it was barely noticeable). This makes me wonder if that scene is happening after a time jump, because I can’t imagine Amy would start dressing in a more body conscious style immediately after having the abortion – especially as, much like after a later miscarriage, it would probably take a month or two for her hormones to settle down, so she’d feel more normal.

But the dark colour does not bode well – or at least, it doesn’t usually, for Amy – who’s confidence and comfort over the course of the show has been directly linked to how colourful and form-fitting her clothes are (both elements are important – her dresses in 7.02 were colourful, but they covered her up a lot, and were rather loose). I wonder if whatever terrible thing Dan does happens while she’s in this costume.

Weirdly, for all that Selina is far more… performative in how she dresses, I’ve often thought the character seems most at ease when she’s in less attention-grabbing clothing – she dressed in a more business-like style in season 4, which I think is when she was more comfortable. Of course, that was the one season she got to spend doing the job, instead of in a perpetual interview for it – so she could relax a little, hence, I think, a slightly more muted colour palette, with more blacks and grays, as well as the perpetual reds.



Behind the Scenes *masterpost*

Just in case you wanted to read the whole thing in chronological order.  Obviously, it hasn’t been written in order, so hear and there details will slip (and there’s an egregious mistake in Chapter Four, where I have Amy realising about the text message screw-up much later than she did in canon… but I think it still rings true emotionally).  Sometimes the stories overlap in time, but I’ve tried to stick with what I think is the most sensible reading order. I will try to keep this updated with new chapters, as and when I write them.


1. Chapter Nine: Three Dates

2. Chapter Two: Thinking of You

3. Chapter Seventeen: All Grown Up

4. Chapter Twenty-Two: Belle of the Ball

Season One:

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8. Chapter Thirteen: The Wrong Remedy

9. Chapter Twenty-Six: Clothes Maketh the Man

10. NEW Chapter Seven: Little Black Dress

11. Chapter Fourteen: Set Fire to My Tie

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12. Chapter Ten: Comrades in Arms

13. Chapter Twenty Four: Accept No Substitutes

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Season Five:

15. Chapter Twenty-Three: Too Tired to Lie

16. Chapter Eleven: Nightcap?

17. Chapter Three: Three Times (though technically, this is a “What If?” and so doesn’t fall within the timeline)

18. Chapter Twenty: Ignorance is Bliss

19. Chapter Twelve: Love’s Opposite

20. Chapter Four: The Girl Who Came in From the Cold

21. Chapter Fifteen: And Then There Was One

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Season 6:

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25. Chapter Twenty-One: Out of Her Shell

26. Chapter Nineteen: Where We Stop Nobody Knows

A new Behind the Scenes (albeit, a slightly weird one).  I’m not totally sure this fits with canon (though it doesn’t break it).

It may help to have read my endless Veep Style posts to make complete sense of what’s going on here.

Clothes Maketh the Man
Post-Helsinki, pre-Catherine’s birthday party – the Veep crew do a Secret Santa.



dan egan’s an asshole but damn reid scott is charming

(from veep wiki – 7×04)

Bringing the fake tan back after making such a point of it in season 6 is a strange choice. Especially when his face and neck (who gets a tan on their neck?) are a different colour to his hands. Not saying he looks bad, as such, but it’s more…overt than Dan’s efforts at grooming usually are. Perhaps he’s stepped up the make-up in an attempt to look young?  I really never expected to look at Dan and be reminded of Donald Trump, but…I guess anything goes in season 7.

The dark gray is a rather more somber colour than what he was wearing in episodes 1 and 2 – not that Dan has ever had a particularly vibrant colour-palette, but compare it to the blues, greens and dove-gray he was wearing before (he and Amy really did look like a matched set in that pic – his suit set off the electric blue of her dress perfectly). Especially against that beige background, there’s something kind of lifeless about it.



I was right, I just had the colour wrong.  Amy wears pink because Selina wears pink – Michelle wears blue because Tom wears blue.  It’s underlining the idea that they are separate and opposing teams.