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The Long and Winding Road

Better late than never – Chapter Nine.

I hope you all enjoy – I hope you want to scream at me – I hope you’re excited for the next chapter.  (I am also sorry it took so long, but this chapter changed a lot in the telling).

The Long and Winding Road

Better late than never:

Chapter Eight

Sorry this took longer than I was hoping, but please enjoy. And thank you for all the song recommendations, they were massively helpful – I hope you all enjoy how I’ve used them in this chapter.

Chapter Eight

(no real spoilers)

The next morning, she wakes up, groans at how weak she still feels, and realises that Dan is on his way.

She realises this because he’s tagged her in an instagram post about “bringing a special flu season care package to my best girl, @amybrookheimer.”

Reading the comments is downright terrifying – there’s a lengthy debate about whether Dan is more of a Captain America or an Iron Man, though apparently everyone is agreed that she’s a Pepper Potts.

She has no idea what they’re talking about.

In a way, she’s grateful for the warning – that ten minutes means she has time to brush her teeth and put on a bra and clothes that aren’t actually pyjamas – but she’s not going to let him know that.

When he walks in, the first thing she says is, “Can you please stop using me to clit-tease your demented fan club?”

The Long and Winding Road: Chapter Seven

This is a bit of a wham chapter (but in a good way!), so hopefully you will all enjoy.

As always, if the politics are confusing, let me know (though I’m hoping not).

Will you ever write another What Might Have Been chapter?

Quite possibly.

I know I have some prompts saved in my inbox that I may turn to at some point (months and months late of course, for which apologies in advance).

Someone once suggested an AU where Amy and Dan had never met before the show, which is an interesting concept to play with. (I remain irritated that the show never gave us any details of what their backstory was – I mean, we know Dan was a shithead, but I want to know what kind of shithead).

I have actually incorporated one of the chapters I was planning to write – a “What if Dan didn’t go to New Hampshire and was at the Congressional Ball” – into my current fic, though with a different ending. (In the WMHB Dan would still have chased off Buddy, they would have still had a big fight, and then they would have hooked up at Jonah’s victory party. In the L&WR, of course, Dan still has his head firmly up his ass, so Amy disappears to see Bill instead).

The other one that intrigues me is a “what if Gary never showed up to their date in Chicklet” because…come on, that was a date. Even by the standards of season seven Sex!Psycopath Dan, that was a date – there’s no way season seven Dan has enough interest in any woman’s company to spend time with her if sex wasn’t a possibility.

I guess the other one that might be fun is “what if Amy never dated Ed” because the second half of season 2 might unfold quite differently if Dan wasn’t suffering from a drawn out fit of pique.

I’m partly throwing these out there because it will be quite a while before I get to writing any of them – especially as I am travelling for a lot of September, so won’t be able to update as often.

Btw, if anyone has any Berlin recommendations, let me know. I’ve never been and I’m excited!

The Long and Winding Road, Chapter Five

I’d say enjoy, but there is some ugly stuff in this chapter, particularly from Selina. (If it’s any consolation, my original version of this plotline was much darker, so it could have been worse).

This is one of the first chapters where I take a wildly different interpretation of things than the show – hopefully it will make sense to all of you what I’m doing, but let me know if not.

The next chapter will wrap a lot of “familiar from the show” stuff up and then we will be heading into the unknown, for the really good stuff.  Coincidentally, the end of the next chapter is when you might start to be able to guess where I’m heading with all of this (I think) (if I’m playing fair).

The Long and Winding Road: Chapter Four

A note: this chapter corrects one of Veep’s many offences against a coherent space-time continuum. Season 5 of Veep has Bill Erickson go through being charged, tried, imprisoned and released following appeal all in the stretch of the maybe five weeks between the general election and Jonah’s December campaign for Congress.

I think that is very silly, so in this chapter Bill is waiting to stand trial for the charges related to the data breach. I mention this, because it does become a plot point.

Enjoy everyone – and hopefully it won’t feel as difficult to read as it did to write!

The Long and Winding Road, Chapter Two

Read it and let me know what you think.  (I’m genuinely curious if anyone will guess the ending – though since we’ve at least seven chapters to go, I’m not expecting it just yet).

This chapter is lighter on the Dan x Amy content than the previous one, but have faith… there’s good stuff to come, I promise.

Post-season 4 AU.The tied election unfolds in a slightly different way – as does everything else.

Chapter One

Some of you are may want to scream at me for this (and please feel free).  In total, I think this will be nine or ten chapters, but I haven’t completely decided yet.  

In any case, I’m heading into a very busy two weeks in work, so fair warning in advance – it’s going to be a while before I update with the next chapter.


How would you suggest dealing with the Dan and Amy resolution and subsequent crushing of my soul? Denial? Fan-fics? Reading between the lines of what's shown? Imagining that during the 24 years they didn't see each other they were really having a passionate affair and told no one? Please, wise Maev. You're my only hope.

I think you’re doing pretty well at identifying solutions yourself anon!

For what it’s worth, I felt a lot more…accepting of how the show ended, at least as regards Dan and Amy, once I’d written the BtS chapters covering their separation. I took care to keep those chapters compatible with canon, but in such a way that their story (especially Amy’s) was transformed into something I could live with (and hopefully it did the same for at least a few other people!). I believe this is what we call fan fiction as therapy.

I haven’t quite resolved my broader feelings about the idiocy of the show’s political plot, and the ugliness of the abortion and Michelle storylines, but I’m hoping I’ll feel better about at least some of these once I’ve finished the post-Iannucci AU (coming to a screen near you…soon, I promise), which is going to use elements of the later seasons, but in a very, very different way, I promise. (The Michelle one is an exception to this – I have a plot in mind that would fit the wider story, and heavily critique the way the show constructed the Michelle-Tom plot, but it’s so dark that, honestly, I’m not sure I want to write it, or that anyone would ever want to read it, so I’m not minded to include it).

In other words, if you’re a fic writer, I’d encourage you to come up with your own…corrective to what the show did, because I really do think it will make you feel better.

If you’re not, but find fanfic a balm for all the misery, I strongly recommend reviewing (in detail) (share your feelings of shock or enjoyment or whatever) as many fics as you can. I’m not always the best at this myself, but I can speak from experience that receiving an intelligent, thoughtful review, one that show’s the reader is really responding to your story…it’s the best incentive there could possibly be. (I treasure each of my reviewers, in case that wasn’t clear).

I personally can’t see a passionate affair between them during the twenty-four years – mostly because Dan became so ugly (and so boring) I don’t want Amy anywhere near him, unless it’s to set him on fire – but I would definitely read a fic that tried to make that premise work. In a way, it might follow naturally from the “hidden” Dan arc in season 7, where he has a crisis over Amy and self-destructs – finally waking up a year or two later in a haze of “what did I do?” Dan destroying Amy’s marriage isn’t something that interests me – but Dan getting maybe three days of her time a year, in a kind of Brokeback affair, because she’s nice but knows she’s better off elsewhere, would hang together pretty well. And it would explain his overfamiliarity at the funeral.

Basically, I’d suggest rewriting the story – in your head or otherwise – into something that makes you happy…and if at all possible, do share it with the rest of us!