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Behind the Scenes *masterpost*

Just in case you wanted to read the whole thing in chronological order.  Obviously, it hasn’t been written in order, so hear and there details will slip (and there’s an egregious mistake in Chapter Four, where I have Amy realising about the text message screw-up much later than she did in canon… but I think it still rings true emotionally).  Sometimes the stories overlap in time, but I’ve tried to stick with what I think is the most sensible reading order. I will try to keep this updated with new chapters, as and when I write them.


1. Chapter Nine: Three Dates

2. Chapter Two: Thinking of You

3. Chapter Seventeen: All Grown Up

4. Chapter Twenty-Two: Belle of the Ball

Season One:

5. Chapter Six: Listening is Gold

6. Chapter One: Baby-Daddy

Season Two:

7. Chapter Five: While You Were Sleeping

8. Chapter Thirteen: The Wrong Remedy

9. Chapter Seven: Little Black Dress

10. Chapter Fourteen: Set Fire to My Tie

Season Three:

11. Chapter Ten: Comrades in Arms

Season Four:

12. Chapter Eight: Amish Prom

Season Five:

13. NEW Chapter Twenty-Three: Too Tired to Lie

14. Chapter Eleven: Nightcap?

15. Chapter Three: Three Times (though technically, this is a “What If?” and so doesn’t fall within the timeline)

16. Chapter Twenty: Ignorance is Bliss

17. Chapter Twelve: Love’s Opposite

18. Chapter Four: The Girl Who Came in From the Cold

19. Chapter Fifteen: And Then There Was One

Season 6:

20. Chapter Sixteen: What Doesn’t Kill You

21. Chapter Eighteen: The Appetite Alters

22. Chapter Twenty-One: Out of Her Shell

23. Chapter Nineteen: Where We Stop Nobody Knows

Updated, with a chapter on the first time Dan and Amy spoke in season 5.  Which was requested by @stephen-colbert, oh, many moons ago!  I swear I never forget / delete prompts.

m-queen-of-space: Behind the Scenes – by fionn…


Behind the Scenesby fionnabhair

/ @thebookofmaev

Snippets of Amy and Dan, behind and around the show.

The very last of @m-queen-of-space’s beautiful edits.  I wanted to save it for when I updated with a new chapter.

Behind the Scenes: Bell of the Ball

Pre-Show. Amy goes to her first Inaugural Ball.

What Might Have Been

Chapter Six: Repent at Leisure

Instead of driving home on that fateful evening, Buddy takes a taxi, and events unfold rather differently.  (It’s a sign of how poorly used Amy’s character was in season 6 that lifting her out of the back half doesn’t actually change how events unfolded in any substantial way).

m-queen-of-space: You Were Always On My Mind …


You Were Always On My Mind – by fionnabhair

/ @thebookofmaev

The campaign is up and running, and Amy has a lot of decisions to make.

Chapter ten is up. (Chapter ten is not proofed, cause I need to sleep, and I figured people would prefer not to wait another day).

I LOVE the pic on the bottom right.

m-queen-of-space: Best Laid Plans – by fionna…


Best Laid Plans – by fionnabhair / @thebookofmaev

“She’s knocked up with Dan Egan’s baby. What the fuck is she going to do now?“

The next pretty.

I think I’ve mentioned before that I don’t particularly like writing sex scenes, but, for whatever reason, the two in Best Laid Plans were the easiest I’ve ever written.

In the first instance because I kind of loved the idea of writing a scene for them that was entirely without dialogue – they’re both so hyper verbal that taking away that particular crutch seemed like it would do something interesting. The second one was interesting to write because…well, I liked thinking through just how calculated Dan would be about sex, and how much thought he would put into each action to make sure that Amy would relax and actually enjoy herself.

I completed this JUST before season six started to air, which is hilarious in hindsight.

m-queen-of-space: Lightweight – by  fionnabh…


Lightweight – by 

fionnabhair / @thebookofmaev

Alcohol – the cause of, and solution to, all of life’s problems.

(Or, a relationship evolves while under the influence).

(Or, how Dan learned to stop worrying and love… no one, do you hear?) 

This fic was the first time I really tried to write from Dan’s point of view, and it was an interesting (and fun) challenge.

While I would like to be very, VERY clear that there is not even the least resemblance in terms of personality…apparently there’s a part of me that really enjoys writing someone who’s male and an asshole of, oh, colossal proportions.

In the strangely accurate predictions column, Mutually Exclusive had Dan and Amy working together as political consultants, Best Laid Plans had an unplanned pregnancy…and Lightweight has alcohol-fuelled encounters be a key driver of their getting together. (Maybe I AM a psychic).

m-queen-of-space: Mutually Exclusive– by fio…


Mutually Exclusive– by fionnabhair 

“You can’t fall in love with Dan Egan and then be surprised when he acts…well, like himself.”

for @thebookofmaev​ for her absolute amazing veep fics! thank you and i hope you like these, this whole lovely fandom loves you!

Had to share the next of these pretties.

I genuinely laughed out loud at the picture on the bottom left.  Poor Amy – no one deserves Dan’s behaviour, no matter what they’ve done.

You Were Always On My Mind

Chapter Eight

Word of warning, I’ve got to focus on some real world writing stuff for the next week or two, so the next chapter may be somewhat delayed.  Not enormously, but I don’t think I’ll manage to stick to my usual approximately once a week schedule. (Also, my mother just leant me her new biography of Laura Ingalls Wilder, and I have to finish reading it before I go back to London – it looks SUPER dishy) .  

Still, I hope this chapter will be just as enjoyable all the same.

You Were Always On My Mind

Chapter Seven

Merry Christmas everyone!

You Were Always On My Mind

Chapter Six

This may not give you precisely what you want, but all I can say is…