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I officially hate Selina with a passion – do y…

I officially hate Selina with a passion – do you think there's any hope of her getting a miserable ending – it seems like she's doing well in primaries so far…

Basic rule of writing – if they’re flying high in the middle of the story, they will not be at the end. That’s boring – there’s no suspense, no tension, no shift of mood.

So, Selina may be doing well now, but I think we can be pretty certain that it’s not going to last, and a reversal of fortune is just around the corner.

But guys, let’s make sure we’re hating Selina for the right reasons. As much as I think it is world-endingly-dumb for her to sleep with Dan – and I do – I don’t find this anywhere near as upsetting as pressuring Amy to get an abortion. I highly doubt that Selina did this with the intent of hurting Amy, or that she plans on Amy finding out about it. As coldly as she fired Dan, I don’t think she wants anyone to know.

Dan is not Amy’s exclusive property. As long as he has the decency and tact to keep his sexual exploits well the fuck away from her (which seems to be asking a lot in this show, since he can’t keep his dick out of her family members), instead of rubbing them in her face when he knows that upsets her, I truly don’t give a damn who he sleeps with.

Besides, always worth remembering – no fate could be as bad as being Dan or Selina, especially not with their magnificent ability to drive away the people who care about them.

I feel like the ‘win’ Dan gets at …

I feel like the ‘win’ Dan gets at the end is that for the 15 years or so before the last flash forward Dan and Amy flit around each other, kind of live their own lives but still sort of connected but in the Dan gets the girl.

I tend to think that the “win” Reid Scott was referring to will be something career-related – partly because he brought it up in tandem with some comments about just how many times Dan has been fired (I’m honestly losing track at this point). Maybe he’s approached to be candidate? I can’t really ever imagine Dan as someone’s Chief Of Staff – he enjoys the spotlight too much.

That said, I’ll happily be wrong on this. I just have my doubts that they’ll give him an ending that redemptive.

Maybe after all those years of manipulating wo…

Maybe after all those years of manipulating women for his own gain, Dan will be manipulated by the young woman he marries and cleaned out after a very messy divorce

After years of Dan using his looks to make use of powerful people that can boost his career, it would be hilarious and fitting for him to become the victim of it—and I think his ego would really keep him from seeing what’s happening until it’s too late

I’m liking your ideas, anon.

I’m really liking your ideas.

Alas, since “Dans wife” doesn’t seem to even have a name, I doubt we’ll get any story line that complicated with her – I’d be surprised if she shows up for more than a line or two, at the most.

Admittedly, I’ve wondered if we’re going to get a kind of glimpse of the future with a lot of short scenes – kind of like the way the Watchmen film filled us in on the alternative history – in which case we may see her in a couple of short scenes that make the relationship trajectory clear.

Any future that gives Amy the opportunity to laugh at him would be nice. But between Reid Scott saying the story ends with a win for him, and Anna Chlumsky saying there’s no comeuppance, I’m not sure we’ll be that lucky.

What do you think the “tender” mom…

What do you think the “tender” moment would be? Im scared if it happens and i miss it bc i just didnt think it was tender enough lol:/

If I were trying to finish it off at this point, I would give Amy a love interest who makes her happy – and who is actually attractive writers, no more of this Buddy/Leon/Ed nonsense – have her conceive again, and promptly freak the fuck out, after her experience with Dan.

At which point Dan could step up in a different way, and support her/reassure her that things will be all right – and maybe even have him be genuinely happy for her that she finally has someone who’s willing to give her what she wants.

The problem with that as a concept though is that developing Dan to the point where he’s willing to surrender even a little of the hold he has over Amy, and the comfort he takes in being the centre of her attention, is going to take serious work. He’s so innately selfish that I’ve always struggled to envisage a credible scenario where he cares enough about Amy to give her up. I feel like at that point he ceases to be recognisable as Dan entirely.

(And no husband worth his salt would be willing to tolerate the way Dan’s supposedly platonic relationship with Amy has existed in the show so far).

However, the “tender moments” could well only have been referring to the end of 7.03 – or could be something else entirely. I’m not sure my predictions have much value at this point – and I’m even less sure that they’re going to give Dan and Amy an ending I can accept.

(At this point I just want Amy to have a partner who 1) loves her 2) has good sex with her and 3) she finds hot. It shouldn’t be so much to ask).

wecouldstillbegreat: New stills from 7×04, So…


New stills from 7×04, South Carolina, 1/?

Everyone on Selina’s plane is wearing a shade of gray. It’s actually kind of similar to how things were in season 1, when only Selina got to wear colours – it makes Selina stand out, but it gives the scene a rather drab appearance at the same time – everything’s beige or gray or white. I still think that dark gray on Dan – combined with the excessive bronzer – leaves him looking a bit grim. He has apparently started dyeing his hair again.

Notice how the coral colour of her dress matches the font in her poster? She was wearing white light blue in the previous episode’s promo pics – basically extending her campaign branding to her wardrobe, so that no matter what, Selina ‘owns’ those colours.

Weirdly, Little Richard looks smaller than he did in episode 1 – so maybe there isn’t a time jump? Though he looked a good six months older than he should have in the first episode, so I’m not sure his age is reliable “where in space-time are we?” factor. Going by Catherine’s wardrobe, as well as the extras in the Teddy scene, I’d say we’ve moved into late autumn, at least.

I know there are still several episodes left a…

I know there are still several episodes left and anything can happen, but I’m confused by that photo we saw of the cast on the last day, where Amy is wearing white. Do you think Amy’s pregnant, or was it just a weird angle? Do you think Amy gets pregnant by someone else? Is there any chance it could be Dan’s? How do you think the finale spoiler fits into this?

Short answer: no idea

Long answer: I bloody hope so.

If they are going to give us such an upsetting context for Amy’s choice to have an abortion early on the show, with it being impossible to escape the feeling that it’s not a free choice, but one made under immense emotional pressure from Dan and Selina, it will be much easier to accept if she gets another chance at having the baby she seems to want.

Also, while you’re not wrong that it could just be a weird angle, I think Amy looks more pregnant in the white dress pic, than she did in any of the early season picture, and…we were right about them.

Any speculation I come regarding the ending feels like it is virtually guaranteed to be wrong, but I can see it going either way. I’ve always thought it’s possible to write Amy falling for someone who isn’t Dan, and who knows… maybe she blossoms, meets someone else, and moves on. Maybe Dan makes things up to her somehow, and handles a second pregnancy in a more mature manner (it would not be hard).

Maybe they end up together in the present, and then a flash forward shows that things fell apart at some point. Maybe, Amy discovers the pregnancy, instinctively tells Dan to fuck off because after the current shitshow she simply doesn’t want to take the risk of letting him in, and he marries a twenty-two year old as a kind of retaliation – in which case the ‘win’ Reid Scott has been referring to at the end of the show, is him finally sorting things out with Amy. (I should say, I don’t find the idea of him marrying a twenty-two year old palatable in any way – but it is marginally less repugnant of him to do it at forty then at fifty-five).

Basically, I can see a variety of ways in which to write it – and I don’t think they have pushed Dan (yet) to the point where it is completely unacceptable to the audience for Amy to give him another chance, though they are pushing up very close to that line.

Maybe polina plays dan’s future love int…

Maybe polina plays dan’s future love interest who is strangely an Amy look alike after Amy ditched him for some guy who’s much better to her. Of course this is far fetched but Reid Scott did say that the situation was handled in a very Dan way.

I can feel people starting to get nervous about the presence of another pretty blonde woman in the cast.

But if that is the ending (and I can’t say it’s impossible), I think we can be sure that Dan is miserable.  

Because let’s be real – what are the odds of Dan finding another woman who is capable of knowing him and still falling for him?  I’d say they’re so minuscule as to potentially not be measurable by modern science.  Which means Dan would be stuck with a woman who’s either so stupid she doesn’t realise what a terrible person he is, or who only got involved with him for the money and/or connections.  If it’s the former I think he’d be bored out of his skull in minutes flat, and if it’s the latter… while it might not bother him emotionally, I can’t see it being a particularly fulfilling relationship.

More to the point, while I can definitely see it being emotionally satisfying to the “make Dan suffer” portion of the audience for him to wind up with a vastly inferior Amy-substitute, while she sails off into a blissful future, I actually think it would be rather out of character for him.

Because Dan has been presented with Amy substitutes over and over throughout the show – Sophie, Jane and Brie being the most obvious – and while he slept with lots of them, and exploited all of them as needed, not one of them has ever shaken his emotional focus on Amy for even a moment.  Dan can be having sex with every woman in New York (if season 6 is anything to go by) and it wouldn’t change his craving for Amy’s attention over anyone else’s.

His emotional attachment to her is the most serious one in his life (not that that means much of course), and it has persisted through years of Amy ignoring him or freezing him out.  I really, really struggle to picture a scenario where Amy is in Dan’s life – in any way – and he isn’t trying to get her attention (sexual, emotional, or political) on him and away from anyone else (including her partner).

Put it this way, if Amy ditched Dan and married someone else, can I see him sleeping with another pretty blonde woman?  Definitely.  I could even see him marrying said woman, in an attempt to piss Amy off.

And getting stuck with a wife he doesn’t give a damn about through a pigheaded attempt to annoy Amy does sound like the kind of short-termist stupidity Dan is capable of.  

But what I can’t see is Dan developing a genuine relationship with this other woman – and I’m confident he would ditch her the moment she became a serious obstacle to Amy paying attention to him.  (He is actually capable of learning, even if he resists it, remember.  There’s a reason he’d stopped talking about Sophie in any way whatsoever by the time of Thanksgiving).

One of the biggest differences between Amy and him is that he’s not capable of falling for someone else.

So, yes, it’s possible.  But I urge everyone to remember that we don’t know anything yet.  This is all wild speculation.  And as always, I will be happy if Veep gives us a resolved ending between them – I can definitely live with Dan being miserable, if the story has had an emotional resolution.  (Amy not so much.  She’s had more than her share of misery at this point).

so I sent this to @casliyn but I like getting …

so I sent this to @casliyn but I like getting lots of opinions 🙂 if you rewatch the promo for 7×02 the dress amy wears when she tells Selina she’s pregnant is the same as the breakfast scene where dan is wearing the plaid shirt, same as the one in the ‘I need a minute’ gif. Do you think maybe ‘I need a minute’ is after everyone finds out about the pregnancy?

*minor spoilers*

1. Kent already knows, based on his already established degree of pregnancy knowledge.  Ben may also know, as he has children, plural, so has presumably been around pregnant women before, and he isn’t as self-absorbed as Selina.

2. Going by the behind the scene pictures, Dan is in that scene between Amy and Selina – just not in shot at that point.  So the actual ‘revelation’ scene may be confined to Gary, Selina, Dan and Amy, as the only people present.

As for your main question – it could be after that scene, or…it could be after the inevitable scene where the Amy Clone working in Tom James’ campaign shoots him down (as, per some of the articles, she has…other interests).  Dan is so vain that being actually rejected by a woman – let alone a woman who so closely resembles Amy – could very well be enough to knock him temporarily for six.




I’ve been thinking about this for a few days and we still know so little about the show after 7×03 that it’s hard to come up with something that seems reasonable, but for some reason I don’t think Amy snaps in 7×03 and leaves Selina to join Jonah just because Dan is a shirt. Amy is tough, so maybe it’s something else, maybe something she never had to deal with. From 7×02 promo we know that Selina and Gary find it funny that she’s pregnant, but their behaviour is nothing new. I always though Amy would leave because of a combination of Dan and Selina being horrible to her but at least in the first episode of season 7 it doesnt look like Dan was saying those things to actually hurt her, he didn’t want to deal with it and being the selfish person that he is he acted that way. (which is not ok). And Selina…I think she’s so caught up in her campaing – and we have less episodes – that being horrible to Amy doesn’t seem like her priority, narratively speaking, I don’t see the writers “wasting” screentime with this. So my theory: Dan continues with his 7×01 behaviour, I still have so much doubt about the skipping rocks scene, it could happen in so many diferent ways. He asks “Ames, am I getting old?” and it seems too early for him to realise he wants something more, especially since this is the biggest plot of the season, and as many people said: he is a slow leaner, he needs to be without Amy to really realise – or admit to himself -that he misses her, that he wants to be with her. Maybe they get interruped or this conversation is just the start he needs. Reid Scott said that this was his favorite scene so I bet we’re gonna see a side of Dan we have never seem before but we won’t get any answers, like I said, it’s too early for that. For some reason, I think Amy decides to get an abortion, not because Dan told her to, or because she wants to, but because she’s hurt. And that’s when the road trip happens, and I do believe it’s impossible to be in a car with someone for hours without really talking so my guess is that they bond, kinda the way they did with the name in 7×01 (even tho it only lasted 2 seconds), and they get used to the idea of having a kid together without telling the other in those words because duh, it’s dan and amy, and continue their roadtrip. We know there’s gonna be two scenes in the clinic, right? I dont remember where I read this. When they arrive there – with a different mindset, maybe amy says she doesn’t wanna do this in the first clinic scene – they find out she had a miscarrige and that’s what makes her snap and leave Selina. We, as a audience, know that she wants to have the baby so she doesn’t know how to deal with this, especially since it wouldn’t be her choice so she leaves, she doesn’t want to be around Dan, maybe realises she was wasting her life working with Selina and chooses to work with Jonah because it wouldnt be so personal if he wins or loses. There’s still too many details that I have no idea how to organize in a theory… 

It seems too dramatic but dark enough for veep, what do you guys think? @casliyn @wecouldstillbegreat @thebookofmaev @atouchofireland

It’s so hard to organize all the tiny bits of info we get into an actual storyline. But based on the instagram video where people saw a scene written for Dan & Amy in 7×03, Amy’s already decided to leave/left Selina when her and Dan check into the hotel in Massachusetts. 

So, we know something at the end of that episode also causes her to leave Dan because he’s pictured with Selina’s people in 7×04. I’ve thought maybe there’s a miscarriage too, but it seems unlikely with the fact that there are 2 abortion clinic scenes. Thankfully, Tim said Dan and Amy are attached at the hip and we’ve seen Dan pictured with Richard and Jonah, so it’s safe to say Dan’s probably joined her side by 7×05.

From what we know, the timeline will most likely be: Amy decides to leave Selina by end of 7×02, Amy & Dan go to have the abortion in 7×03 and whatever happens causes her to break off from him, Dan’s still stuck on Selina’s campaign in 7×04 and Amy appears on TV and is probably working for Jonah, Dan weasels his way back into Amy’s life by getting Jonah to hire him, (full speculation on this part) 7×05-7×07 is Dan and Amy working as a team again but also actually connecting and she ends up pregnant again then the flash forward happens and we meet their daughter.

On a practical point, it seems unlikely to me that Amy could have a miscarriage at this stage of pregnancy – which we’re assuming is somewhere around 16-18 weeks – without being aware of it.  

Admittedly, Veep is fudging the timeline enough that this may not be a decisive factor for the writers, but as I know from the experience of close friends, a miscarriage after four months of pregnancy is extremely painful.  (Most miscarriages – a full quarter of all pregnancies end in miscarriage – happen earlier on in the pregnancy, before three months.  While it does happen, to miscarry at Amy’s point of pregnancy is to be very unlucky). 

If they were to go with that angle, I think it would be more likely that there is some kind of developmental issue with the pregnancy that means it will not be successful, but has not yet resulted in a miscarriage.

Amy’s new look debuts in 7.04, so I think it’s safe to say whatever happens in 7.03 is decisive.

Do we know for sure that dan and Amy will work…

Do we know for sure that dan and Amy will work for Jonah? Sorry I’m a little behind on spoilers

We know that Amy will, as it’s been mentioned in episode reviews and we’ve seen pictures of her with Jonah. (Trying to get Anna Chlumsky and Timothy Simmons into the same shot must have been fun for the cameraman). So, I think we can be pretty certain of that one.

As for Dan, I think it’s more up in the air. From memory (and I’m calling again on @wecouldstillbegreat to correct me here) he virtually disappears from the behind the scenes pics after the debate episode – which I think is 7.03 – bar one picture of him with Amy in Jonah’s mother’s house from the end of the season, and another of him with Selina in what I think is the South Carolina episode (7.04).

Now, it’s possible he is with Selina and, for whatever reason, we just haven’t seen him – but Timothy Simmons mentioned in interview that Dan and Amy are joined at the hip this season, so it seems reasonable to assume he winds up on Jonah’s campaign as well. I can’t see either Tom James or Buddy hiring him, and I don’t think we’ve heard anything about Danny Chung getting back into the race.

This would mean BKD would effectively cease to exist, which seems a shame, as I thought there was a lot of story potential there – but you never know, maybe they’ll pull a rabbit out of a hat.