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when will dan’s blue suits come back bec…

when will dan’s blue suits come back because this grey look he’s got going on atm is really not working for me

The very dark grey suit he’s wearing in 7.04 isn’t Reid Scott’s best colour, I agree.

The thing is though, I thought both he and Amy looked great in the opening scene of 7.01 – the electric blue of her dress and the dove grey of his suit played off each other beautifully.  

But going by the 7.04 promo, not only is everyone in Selina’s entourage wearing some shade of grey, the plane has also gotten darker.  

Things are not going well, in other words.

My guess would be that, much like in season 4, proper colour will re-enter Dan’s life when Amy does.  But it really is just a guess – we haven’t seen enough pictures to be know much of anything.

I think the pregnancy was a way to show us tha…

I think the pregnancy was a way to show us that they are not meant to be a couple. Maybe there’s closure when Dan says that he cares about her and wants her to be happy and lets her go.

That’s my stumbling block, because I just cannot believe Dan will outgrow his innate selfishness to the extent of letting someone else take his place with Amy.

Like Dan starting to think just a little bit longer-term and making the calculation that if he wants to keep Amy with him, he’s going to have to make some trade-offs, that I can believe. Dan caring enough about Amy’s happiness that he will prioritise it over his own? And not just once, but on an ongoing basis, assuming she stays in his life?

I feel like that requires a bigger change in his character, more personal growth, if anything. He was jealous of Ed he got stinking drunk in front of colleagues – so aggravated by Buddy he paraded his jealousy on national television. And, suddenly, somehow, he’s going to let Amy go and cheer on her loving and being loved by another man?

I mean, sure they might do that, but if they do, I think we’re owed at least an explanation as to what happened to the possessive shithead we used to know and try not to love.

Is this the start of Dan’s redemption ar…

Is this the start of Dan’s redemption arc???

Let me think…

I hate to say it, but I think this episode showed us Dan at about as decent as he is ever going to get. Which is frustrating as hell to me, mostly because…I just feel like Dan, as a character, should be smarter than this.

But I think it’s also worth pointing out that there is a way that all the story beats we’ve seen in the last three episodes play out and Dan is sympathetic. Not in the sense that we see him as justified, but that we understand where he’s coming from.

Amy tells him she’s thinking about having the baby, and he panics. Flat out, no questions, freaks the fuck out. His entire life is about to change and he has no control over anything and he can’t – slash won’t – attempt to exert control over Amy, and so he goes out and fucks every woman who’ll have him in an attempt to feel like nothing has changed, he’s still him, and he can keep living his life the exact same way he always has.

And even Amy deciding to have the abortion doesn’t really solve anything for him – because it’s still a decision he’s outside of, still a decision she can reverse – she is still the one acting and he’s stuck reacting to whatever she does or doesn’t do. He may not even have known it was happening until Sophie showed up at the door, because Amy doesn’t appear to have talked to him about it – she was still treating him like someone outside the decision. Hence, I think, sleeping with Sophie.

Throughout the whole thing, Amy doesn’t really fill him in on her thinking or what she wants, and so he keeps telling himself that she’s just “thinking” about it, and it’s a fantasy, and any minute now she’ll come to her senses, and even if she is upset she’ll get over it soon, he knows she will, they can go right back to being partners in crime and nothing has to change. (I think Reid Scott described it as a Peter Pan complex, which seems about right).

And then he drives her to the abortion clinic, probably with some inkling already that Amy’s feelings are more real than that – her reaction at seeing Sophie illustrates that pretty clearly, and being alone in the car together, in silence, would bring home her emotional tension pretty damn clearly.

Remember, he still cares about her – he very purposefully puts himself between Amy and the protesters, which says a lot – but he hasn’t really put himself in her shoes, at any point. And then Amy loses it – and in that little speech she reveals more about her feelings – that she was scared and sad and that she…prayed. Amy. Praying.

Hearing that Amy felt so alone that she turned to religion to try and figure out what to do kind of makes him realise what he did. He abandoned her, probably the only person in the world he actually cares about, when she needed him most – because he couldn’t see that she wasn’t trying to do something to him, she wanted to do it with him, she wanted to have an honest conversation, but he was so wrapped up in his own fears he ran away.

Because the one thing that reliably softens Dan up is seeing Amy in distress – we saw a flash of that in 7.01, and we see it again here. He actually realises – for at least a few minutes – that the rigidity he’s always making fun of, the constant tension, is self-defence, is Amy desperately trying not to be hurt more than she already is.

And behind that wall is someone who loves him – Amy’s line “That’s Dan” makes that clear enough, just her tone – who is in pain. So, he takes her back to the hotel, probably listens to some loopy talk (I don’t know what medication Amy was on, but she was probably advised to sleep it off), and stays with her all night because he doesn’t want her to feel any worse than she already feels.

And when the Jonah offer comes in he tells her to take it – even though he’ll miss her, even though it means things WILL change (the exact thing he didn’t want) – because he knows he fucked up, and put her in a position where she was in pain, and is still in pain, still unsure, even after the decision has been made. And so he jumps at the chance for Amy to try something new, because quite possibly the very first time in his life, he’s putting what Amy needs over what is most convenient for him. Which may set the stage for him finally, finally letting Amy go enough that she can have a real relationship with someone else – or manning up enough that they find a way back to each other. Both are possible at that point of the story.

The problem is – while a lot of that is…implicit in the story shape, the connective tissue really isn’t there. We don’t get any moments with Dan that signal that even that minuscule amount of character development is actually taking place. Not a single one.

Like, Dan is still a near irredeemably selfish prick in my version of the story – but he is an irredeemably selfish prick who seems like a recognisable person. What we get in the show is near schizophrenic – he’s horrifically callous with Amy and her feelings (which I’m relieved Reid Scott confirmed he knows about in an interview, because Mandel’s contention that he is oblivious has never sat right with me)…except when he isn’t. And when he isn’t, he’s honestly sweet and supportive in a way many women would want in this situation.

So I do – in a way – see what the writers may have been going for here. But it’s just horrifically executed on Dan’s side of things. We should be able to watch it and at least have a clear sense of whether he cares for Amy or wouldn’t throw her a rope if she fell off a bridge, but the way the writing is going it’s almost impossible to be sure one way or the other.

And as always, this is not a performance issue – give Reid Scott one scene that made Dan’s perspective clear to the audience and a lot of these issues would go away, even though the story beats would be virtually identical. Hell, show us him rambling to Sophie in a drunken haze – at least we’d know what he was thinking.

(Except for the Meaghan thing. That’s unforgivably cruel no matter how the writers framed it).

Did Amy's clone turn Dan down in the end?…

Did Amy's clone turn Dan down in the end? I don't remember that.

No, she didn’t, she was too busy with Tom James.

In my innocence, I assume that any young woman suddenly introduced to the cast was going to sleep with Dan – or at least, he would try to sleep with her – and I still wouldn’t rule out the possibility, long term, as I believe the actress is well-known, so may be back for future episodes.

But what we got was so much better that I really can’t complain. A group of beautiful young men mocking Dan for being too old and weathered to join them. It’s only a tiny, tiny sample of the suffering I would like to rain down on his head, but it was choice.

I could watch it over and over and over.



Okay, so I was thinking about this after the episode…

I think it’s pretty disgusting to have sex with a 19 year old when you’re 39.

I’m just saying.

Dan’s promiscuity kinda grosses me out at this point.

At first, when the series started, Dan had a clear objective. He had sex to get to where he wanted to be. He was climbing the career ladder and we heard about his past and current relationships once or twice. Mostly in a comment form. Also, he wasn’t just fucking women, he was having (albiet short) relationships with them to use them.

But since season 5 and Mandel took over, Dan’s just having sex with everyone no matter what. Granted, the Sophie stuff was for political gain, but what about Brie or the 19 year old Megan? That’s just because he can. He’s not doing it for political gain anymore and I’m not sure when he made that switch. Obviously, it was season 5 (when we actually start seeing Dan’s conquests) but besides the writers changing, what changed in the Veep-verse? (I have this theory that Mandel is vicariously living through Dan, but that’s a whole other thing.)

Also, in episode one, when Dan says what’s up to the reporter, she seemed a little more grossed out than intruiged to be honest. I mean he played it pretty creepy, but she didn’t seem into it, so it’s just kinda weird that she went along with the whole thing.

Lastly, how the fuck did Dan find a 19 year old waitress named Meagan? That’s not a popular name. Like at all. So what are the odds that would actually happen? I read on another form that Dan was just making up that he found a 19 year old named Meagan to mess with Amy.

Idk, the whole Dan sleeping with as many women as possible, especially since the start of season 7 (the reporter and now the teenager), just makes my skin crawl and I love Dan/Amy. They just fit so well! But now I want her to end up as a powerful woman without any man to support her and to just say fuck you and give Dan a big fat slap. At this point, it also makes me wonder why Amy would want to be with someone like that. Or any woman for that matter. End Rant for episode 2.

This will sound strange, but in some ways, I find Mandel’s Dan less gross than Iannucci’s.  

Like, sure, Mandel’s Dan sleeps around – a lot – but he doesn’t manipulate women into sex with him under the impression that they were actually in a genuine romantic relationship (at least, not successfully).  Like, I was never quite sure that Iannucci understood just how creepy and cold-hearted a thing that is for Dan to do?  Or maybe he did, and that’s why we never saw it, but seriously…the show never seemed to fully get how questionable that behaviour was.

Whereas I think it’s clear that we’re supposed to find the way Dan is behaving absolutely repulsive, especially at the moment.  (This also clears up for me just why they had him hit on the Buzzfeed reporter in such a sleazy way, which threw me a little, as I’d always assumed Dan had more game than that).  There’s something almost compulsive about it in the last few episodes, especially the way he keeps flaunting it in front of Amy.  Even setting aside their romantic relationship, it would still be wildly inappropriate – she didn’t consent to being made a party to his sex life in that manner.  

That said, I don’t think it’s a coincidence that we see far more of Dan’s fucked up sex life when his relationship with Amy is either non-existent or under serious strain, which it has been basically ever since 5.03.  Which I think means we can assume he will be worse in 7.04, since she will have left him for Jonah’s campaign by then.

Sleeping with a nineteen year old girl is another matter, and one that I’m not totally sure the writers have a proper handle on.

I remember being nineteen.  Just because Reid Scott is handsome (and he is) doesn’t mean any nineteen year old with an ounce of sense wouldn’t find it off-putting in the extreme to have him hitting on her – the only women who aren’t repelled by men old enough to be their fathers trying to sleep with them are ones who…have other issues.  (To be clear, if you’re 19 and have a crush on Reid Scott, go right ahead, enjoy yourself, that’s perfectly natural – if you’re 19 and Reid Scott – or someone else that age – actually tries to sleep with you…RUN.  That ain’t right).

I’m so glad someone else (shamefully) lo…

I’m so glad someone else (shamefully) loves the Dan and Selina dynamic. Their interactions are the best — I actually didn’t catch the thing about the smoothie in 7×01 until you pointed it out. One of my favorites would have to be their mutual manic happiness when they find out Selina’s going to be president. I was curious what your favorite is?As horrible as they are, I’m crossing my fingers that we get more of them this season; it’s definitely one of the things I miss from the earlier seasons.

I remember thinking at some point in season 5 that I really missed their one-to-one interactions, so I’m really glad we’re getting at least some bits that are just them this year.

They are so similar is the thing – the comment on Dan having “5% that still needs to be loved” could just as easily apply to Selina. They both have ‘fairest of them all’ complexes, a majestic ability to assume consequences will somehow not apply to them, a somewhat underdeveloped capacity for empathy (Dan’s “I thought she was in a good mood” illustrates that beautifully), a considerable sexual appetite (though Selina’s seems healthier than Dan’s, to me), and both of them have developed emotional attachments to people who are on the surface more…socially acceptable in their behaviour, but in actuality far more ruthless than Dan or Selina could ever be.

Which is probably why they’ve never had any real sexual chemistry – they’re just too similar as characters. If they ever hooked up they’d be so busy adoring their own reflections they’d never get down to the business of actually having sex. Like, people say Dan and Amy are a matched set, but I honestly think he has far more in common with Selina, personality wise.

Which is probably where the mutual admiration society comes from – they kind of get each other on an instinctive level. (Notice when Selina is considering whether to use the shooting for political cover at her announcement, the first person she looks at is Dan).

Reid Scott andJulia Louis-Dreyfus are fun to watch together – their scenes get to be pure comedy in ways that rarely happen when they’re playing against their respective love interests. Like, I love the Dan trying not to pick Selina up scene in 2.01 or…really everything in the drinks scene when she’s made him campaign manager, or when Dan is so overwhelmed with joy he damn near folds himself in half so he can hug Selina in 2.10, something no one does in Veep. Or Selina “tearing him a six pack of new assholes” during Jonah’s campaign. Or even Dan’s little pep talk to her in season 2, during the interview that goes wrong – he gets through to her when Amy can’t.

And yes that little dance of joy the two of them do when Selina becomes President is bizarrely adorable – they’re so in tune and so delighted with each other’s narcissism that they barely notice anyone else in the room.

Veep’s cast has always been one of its greatest strengths, and one of the things that shows how strong the cast is that so many of the rarer character pairings are so much fun to watch. (Though I do think Sue’s quality of indifferent common sense was…maybe not funny in and of itself, but really useful as a bringing the insanity of everyone else into focus. It’s a shame Sufe Bradshaw to step back – she was always particularly fun playing off Tony Hale and Kevin Dunn).

Fingers crossed we get more of them before the season ends.