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What do you mean in terms of largeness re: Anna's performances?

It’s hard to describe.

To be clear, it’s absolutely not a criticism – though I know it may sound like one.

I compare her performances in Hannibal and Veep all the time, because the characters are so immensely different. She gives very…embodied performances. Her character’s mental state is visible not just in how they deliver a line or gaze at another character, but in how she holds her head, the movement of her hands, the line of her shoulders. This is why (unlike some other characters who were poorly served by the writing) the audience never ever lost track of what Amy was thinking and feeling.

It must take a phenomenal amount of concentration to sustain (though I imagine it becomes easier over time). And think how rarely female characters get to hold the audiences in that way – how uncommon it is for their reactions and thoughts to be allowed to take up the same amount of space as a male character’s. Chlumsky’s performance style basically demands it.

This is also why, to my mind, Anna Chlumsky’s scenes with Timothy Simmons (who has a similar quality to his acting) were never quite as fun to watch as when she played against Reid Scott or Matt Walsh or Gary Cole. They all have a kind of smoothness in their affect (especially Gary Cole as Kent) which makes it (purposefully) difficult to work out what (if anything) they’re thinking. There’s a kind of opacity that lends itself very well to playing things like Mike’s obfuscating stupidity or Dan’s invisible (to himself) emotional attachment to Amy.

As a result, in their scenes you get two different acting styles clashing with each other, which is always going to spark more on-screen than like against like.


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