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It’s possible this is a flashback. That looks like the same white dress Selina was wearing in the debate scenes.

But remember I said Amy might leave Selina again before the end of the show? This would be a good reason why. Yet again Selina would be forcing her to work with her odious ex, and I cannot imagine Amy working with Buddy for any length of time and not burning everything down.

epiome: 101. Veep. Actually, she’s not my gir…


101. Veep. Actually, she’s not my girlfriend anymore.


Amy in a dress that is simultaneously bodycon,…

Amy in a dress that is simultaneously bodycon, high-necked, sleeveless and oh yeah BRIGHT BLOODY ORANGE (plus the long wavy hair). Your S7 Veep Style posts are going to be SO LIT and I am here for it 😛

Ah, but the question is…will the Veep Style posts even be necessary any more – you’re all figuring this stuff out without my having to say it.

For reference, this is the dress Anon is referring to:

Couple of things I’ll flag – it’s a high-necked dress, but a boat neck, not a crew neck, which as a general rule is a more flattering shape for women (and even more so for women with any kind of noticeable bust). The colour is VERY bright – and I’m fairly confident we’ve never seen Amy wear orange before.

Red and pink are usually vulnerable colours for her, and orange is obviously in that colour-family…what I wonder is if she’s using it the way Selina uses red, as a way to feel powerful (this is just speculation, there’s no way to know until we see the costume in context). It would follow the pattern of Amy modelling herself a little on Selina, and orange does go well with the blue Dan seems to be wearing in every single behind the scenes shot.

Also, look how blinged-out she is. A heavy, large gold watch (I’m willing to bet that’s from Dan, he’s addicted to large watches), a heavy gold bracelet, and hoop earrings. That’s a big change from how the stud earrings and almost invisible pendants she used to wear.

I wonder about the hair. It could be styled, or it could be that Amy’s hair is like mine, and if she blow-dries it straight, it will inevitably start to curl again (my hair looks a lot like this two days after I’ve washed it, and not on purpose), in which case the apparently more styled look may actually be less work for her.

I can’t immediately see a resemblance to Kathleen Turner, but the only film of hers I’ve seen is Romancing the Stone, so…



Miss Amy Brookheimer with her hair curled, jewelry pippin and nice dress??


That green really is a fabulous colour on Anna Chlumsky.  (I will say, as a general rule, white people tend to look good in green – unlike yellow, or orange, say, which most of us palefaces should steer well away from).

I think there’s something mildly fascinating – if you me – in how hairstyles are coded in the show (though of course the show’s coding reflects an equally absurd one in general culture).  

When I was a teenager, the style was to have absolutely pin-straight hair – the kind of hair Amy sports all the time in Veep, and which is absurdly difficult to achieve if your hair isn’t naturally straight (I speak from painful experience on this point).  But, as time has gone on, and hair straighteners have become ubiquitous, fashion has shifted, and incredibly straight, sleek hair is no longer considered ‘sexy.’  Curls are sexy – but not natural curls (to my unending sadness).  No, women are expected to wear the kind of curls that are created only by first blowdrying the hair so it is straight and then curling it.  (Of course, this hairstyle is also absurdly difficult to achieve, for just about everyone – which is no doubt why it has become fashionable – it is artifice masquerading as something natural).

Now, Amy and I are roughly the same age, so what my little interlude tells you is that she hasn’t changed her hairstyle in any major way since she was in her teens.  Note, Selina didn’t wear her hair that way – she wore it in the de rigeur curled style (which makes me wonder if she had a stylist, or if Gary did it)…right up until she didn’t want to seem ‘sexy’ any more, and cut her hair into a short and straight style.  (All the other women in Veep wear their hair with some measure of curl – with Candi Caruso’s relaxed waves in particular being in sharp contrast to Amy.  Except for Sue, of course, whose hairstyle is even more straight and tied down than Amy’s – it’s not hard to guess why a black woman in a very white White House would feel an even greater push to project an image that is professional rather than ‘sexy.’)

And what’s more, I am willing to bet that Amy’s change to loose, curled hair is intended to signal some kind of character shift.  It’s a (very slightly) more subtle version of the scene where a character removes her glasses and everyone realises “she was beautiful all along!”

I see two possibilities.  Either it’s way for the show to signal that Amy is happy at last – through a change of look – or Dan has decided to make a doll of her, the same way he did with Jonah during the congressional campaign, and this is the result.


Aside from the hilarity of Amy ever, ever cuddling up to Jonah (this is a behind the scenes photo, of course), I note another appearance of the Pale Blue Coat Of Maternity.

If Amy ends the season on pregnancy number two I will laugh for DAYS.


Our first glimpse of an Amy costume in Season 7…

I’m not sure this bodes well. Dark colour, high-neckline, and a shirt dress. Throw a flash of red in there and she could have worn it when she was engaged to Buddy (check out the Veep Style tag for proof).

Flat shoes are usually a sign that she’s more at ease – but they may not be part of the costume, just more comfortable to wear behind the scenes. She also has a more open neckline and I think a slightly shorter skirt than at she did at the end of season 5/beginning of season 6 – a sign perhaps that she’s slightly more comfortable and doesn’t feel the need to aggressively cover up (that is, protect herself) in the same way.

I note that even the polka dots of the dress are blue, which is usually DAN’s colour.

casliyn: GUYS. It’s really happening!!!! 😭 …


GUYS. It’s really happening!!!! 😭

It’s a very neat illustration of how different Selina’s colour palette is from Amy’s – it’s heavily dominated by red and black, with yellows, oranges, grey and royal blue making up the rest of it.

Note that even in season 6, when Selina is visibly depressed, her clothing continues to be vibrant and colourful. Some things never change, and Selina wanting to be the centre of attention is one of them.

Whereas the use of colour in Amy’s wardrobe seems to be directly linked to her level of confidence – when she’s riding high and sure of herself we see her in a range of blues and greens and pinks and purples, with the occasional black (which is to be expected – EVERYONE wears black sometimes) – but when she isn’t, when she is withdrawing into herself (for whatever reason), we start to see a lot more black, navy blue, grays and browns.

One way in which they are similar is that they don’t tend to wear patterns very often – there’s only printed dress on that rail, and it’s the dress Selina wore for her interview with Dan, her first attempt to put herself out there after losing the election, and one it’s safe to say she had mixed feelings about. Compare it to Amy wearing patterned blouses and dresses at moments of emotional turmoil (albeit, turmoil that is often repressed, at some cost to Amy’s emotional well-being).

Amy’s apartment, Kissing Your Sister

It’s a small thing I noticed, but look at the picture behind Amy when she does the interview with Catherine:

That’s a large print of Le Baiser de l’Hotel de Ville:

It’s an interesting choice of decoration for Amy – it’s one of the most overly ‘romantic’ images of the twentieth century, and she’s using it to decorate her home.  (Though, given the stack of frames at the side of the shot, it’s almost surprising it’s actually on the wall).

I’m not knocking her taste by the way – there’s a reason it’s an iconic shot – but it’s an interesting choice.  Amy’s trying to control her image all the way through this interview, and still manages to blatantly give away the nature of her feelings for Dan, though she doesn’t realise it herself.  

She’s almost giddy in the next episode when she’s talking about Buddy, so I think it’s fair to say that, as unexpected as it might seem, Amy Brookheimer is a bit of a (deeply) closeted romantic.



stephen-colbert: Dan + Amy in every episode


Dan + Amy in every episode

6.05 – Chicklet