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m-queen-of-space: Best Laid Plans – by fionna…


Best Laid Plans – by fionnabhair / @thebookofmaev

“She’s knocked up with Dan Egan’s baby. What the fuck is she going to do now?“

The next pretty.

I think I’ve mentioned before that I don’t particularly like writing sex scenes, but, for whatever reason, the two in Best Laid Plans were the easiest I’ve ever written.

In the first instance because I kind of loved the idea of writing a scene for them that was entirely without dialogue – they’re both so hyper verbal that taking away that particular crutch seemed like it would do something interesting. The second one was interesting to write because…well, I liked thinking through just how calculated Dan would be about sex, and how much thought he would put into each action to make sure that Amy would relax and actually enjoy herself.

I completed this JUST before season six started to air, which is hilarious in hindsight.

I feel like getting cast on Veep (or the Thick…

I feel like getting cast on Veep (or the Thick of It, back in the day) must be something of a mixed blessing. On the one hand – an acting job! I’ve never met an actor who wasn’t grateful for paying work. On the other hand, being on that show is a virtual guarantee that you’ll have to sit through some incredibly detailed, creative and specific insults to your appearance.

In other words, maybe this is why Reid Scott always has a beard outside the show – it toned down the EEVIL.

francescajohnson:“Rebecca, for the whole show,…


“Rebecca, for the whole show, has tried to be people she’s seen in movies and TV shows because she has no sense of who she is internally. And so she has tried to—every time she takes on another persona it’s like trying on a new costume. The same goes for this Fatal Attraction, she says, ‘OK, you left me at the altar, you called me crazy, great. I’m crazy. I’m crazy and I’m fucking sexy and I’m a dynamo.’ She’s going to come in with this persona, but again, it’s the same mistake she keeps making, which is like, Rebecca, what do you really want? Who are you really?”

You know, I watched one episode of this and…

To backtrack for a moment, I have an oddly specific form of empathy, I guess. Every time Selina gives a speech in Veep and it goes wrong and she’s struggling to maintain her composure in public, picture me all but crying and covering my face with my hands. I Can Not Bear It.

I have never once managed to watch more than five minutes of the UK office, and every time I tried to watch Alan Partridge I wanted to crawl behind the sofa until the episode was over. The scene in Never Been Kissed where Josie 1) gets high and 2) embarrasses herself in front of everyone who knows her by dancing with the band…still makes my blood run cold even now.

All of which I mention, because I watched the first episode of Crazy Ex-Girlfriend and…Rebecca is so obviously in pain, and so consistently embarasses herself in front of people – and can’t stop herself from doing it, even though she knows what she’s doing…

Seriously, does it lighten up? Because I don’t think I could stand many episodes of that kind of comedy.

m-queen-of-space: Lightweight – by  fionnabh…


Lightweight – by 

fionnabhair / @thebookofmaev

Alcohol – the cause of, and solution to, all of life’s problems.

(Or, a relationship evolves while under the influence).

(Or, how Dan learned to stop worrying and love… no one, do you hear?) 

This fic was the first time I really tried to write from Dan’s point of view, and it was an interesting (and fun) challenge.

While I would like to be very, VERY clear that there is not even the least resemblance in terms of personality…apparently there’s a part of me that really enjoys writing someone who’s male and an asshole of, oh, colossal proportions.

In the strangely accurate predictions column, Mutually Exclusive had Dan and Amy working together as political consultants, Best Laid Plans had an unplanned pregnancy…and Lightweight has alcohol-fuelled encounters be a key driver of their getting together. (Maybe I AM a psychic).

m-queen-of-space: Mutually Exclusive– by fio…


Mutually Exclusive– by fionnabhair 

“You can’t fall in love with Dan Egan and then be surprised when he acts…well, like himself.”

for @thebookofmaev​ for her absolute amazing veep fics! thank you and i hope you like these, this whole lovely fandom loves you!

Had to share the next of these pretties.

I genuinely laughed out loud at the picture on the bottom left.  Poor Amy – no one deserves Dan’s behaviour, no matter what they’ve done.

m-queen-of-space: Too Wise to Woo Peaceably –…


Too Wise to Woo Peaceably – by fionnabhair

/ @thebookofmaev

Season Six AU. Dan comes up with a whole new way to manage Jane McCabe.

I can’t believe how pretty.

@m-queen-of-space did one of these for each of my fics, and they are so gorgeous I kept sneaking peeks at them throughout the day in work (I was super-productive).

I will reblog they over the next few days – keep an eye out for when I reblog the Always On My Mind set, because that will mean the final chapter is up.

(The detail is amazing – I love all the New York pics in this, because of course Too Wise To Woo was entirely in NY. And the college shirt!)


Job interview tomorrow.

Job interview for a role in Dublin, meaning moving out of London and moving back home in close proximity to my family.

And I think I want it, but I also think leaving London will be really scary and strange and…I don’t know that I want to leave, and I don’t know that I want to stay…

And I’m trying not to get sucked into that vortex of confusion until AFTER the interview – there’s no point in panicking until I HAVE the job, but…

I was binging the earlier seasons today, and S…

I was binging the earlier seasons today, and Selina seems almost human in them- like when she asks Amy to go visit her dad or when she trusts Amy with relationship advice. Her treatment of Amy has been deplorable this season I hope it improves!!

You know, I watched some of the first episodes over the weekend, and you’re absolutely right.

And not just as regards to Amy. There’s a scene where Selina negotiates with Doyle on filibuster reform and she is genuinely startled when he makes a joke about someone fisting themselves. Not only, but she lets him roll right over her with barely even a fight. She even asks him not to swear in front of Catherine, and attempts not to herself.

It’s very hard to imagine the Selina of later seasons behaving like that.

There’s a big one regarding Amy at the start of season 2, when she sends her to see her ‘dying’ father, instead of keeping her to assist with Selina’s relaunch. I mean, can you imagine Selina in any of the later seasons doing that?

At the same time, I’m hesitant to call it bad writing, necessarily. I think we see Selina develop in multiple ways over the show – she becomes far more willing to throw her wait around and demand respect for her office, and I also think…that she burns out. Her having a breakdown between seasons 5 and 6 seems one of the more natural character developments to me. She was under inhuman amounts of pressure almost as soon as she took over the Presidency, and she really didn’t have anything close to a real support system.

One of the things that I think comes across really strongly, especially in season 5, is how important it is for the President to have someone in her life with whom she doesn’t have to BE the President. Generally that person would be a spouse or partner, but I’m fairly sure that trusted children or friends have served that role in the past. However, Selina doesn’t have ANYONE like that in her life. Amy and Ben are her most trusted staffers (which shows good judgement on Selina’s part), but those relationships are always mediated by the fact that they “serve at the pleasure of the President.” Gary’s worshipfulness might make Selina feel good, but it’s not going to be emotionally satisfying long term, and Catherine is far too self-involved to provide real support (in fairness, she’s what…twenty-three? It’s to be expected).

But it’s why that moment in Mother where Tom James shows that he understands and even to some extent shares Selina’s feelings was so important to her. It was the first time in who knows how long that someone had taken the time to relate to Selina as a human being in pain, rather than their boss.

The saddest aspect of Selina’s life, to my mind, is that it seems no one has ever loved her in an adult, selfless way, accepting her flaws and yet insisting on decent treatment (much like with Dan, a big part of loving Selina involves INSISTING that she behave like a decent human being, insisting on the legitimacy of the other person’s needs). Andrew certainly didn’t – her parents didn’t – and it seems clear that Catherine doesn’t. I don’t know about Jaffar. Maybe he did – but given that his default response to every problem was to tell Selina to run away from it, I have my doubts.

I hated the way she treated Amy, and Gary, and Mike (did she EVER pay him?) in season 6 – and I thought attempting to pimp Amy out was a new low for the character. But I don’t know if it will change in season 7. Selina doesn’t seem to have really grappled with the problems that were causing her to lash out so much – in other words, Ben may rue the day he convinced her to dump Jaffar, because if she’d had at least some support during the campaign she would have been better equipped for the inevitable disappointments that will arise.

Maev, where were you when we figured out that …

Maev, where were you when we figured out that Tom James is back for season 7!? Though so far we only known it’s for the first episode, but seeing as Hugh was an exec on CHANCE, (and frankly he was over that series before it even premiered lmao) he would have known when they asked him to come back for season 7 that he’d be available. So here’s to crossing our fingers that he’s in multiple eps to fuck with (or fuck, both work for me) Selina.

Why not both?

I remember we had a bit of back and forth about how great it would be if he DID come back, and all the ways they could use him to make Selina miserable, but that was like…October last year, I think.

But she definitely needs an opponent who’s worthy of the name – which Jonah definitely is not.

I'm just starting to binge veep and came …

I'm just starting to binge veep and came across your blog, great content!! Thanks for all the breakdowns of costume (I love that kind of stuff!) And I'm also starting your fics and they're amazing!!

Thank you, I’m so glad you enjoyed them!

I wish there was a quick and easy way to get images of costumes, because if there was I would have done an Amy/Selina analysis by now. But as is…just getting a full length shot of Dan or Jonah so you can see the suits they’re wearing is difficult.