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Ok, so I know that this scenario should not be…

Ok, so I know that this scenario should not be put out into the universe, but I was watching Emily Blunt in Your Sister’s Sister the other day and it had me thinking. How do you think it would have played out between Dan and Amy if Dan had accidentally gotten Sophie pregnant? Do you think Dan and Amy would have been able to work it out and still end up together? Do you think Sophie and Amy’s relationship could be mended after that? 1/2

Would you ever consider writing a fic based on that scenario, with them working through or attempting to avoid all the emotions? I would love to see your take since you really get the characters. And I am here for all the angst.

Dear anon,

Congratulations, you have just identified what was my nightmare scenario for season six. It was unlikely, but I kept thinking that, with season 5 being so short, it was entirely possible that Sophie was pregnant and simply didn’t know about it yet when the season ended.

As for how it would play out, I think you would be looking at something of a horror show. The emotional maturity that the characters in My Sister’s Sister eventually find (according to Wikipedia anyway) seems well beyond anything Dan or Amy are capable of.

I think it’s a safe assumption that Sophie would have continued any such pregnancy, and I don’t think Amy would have taken it well at all. One of her most consistent traits is a rather…resentful tendency. As in, I’m sure Dan deserved every bit of the loathing she threw at him in the early seasons…but even so, she really did hold on to that grudge for a LONG time.

With Amy’s parents probably feeling duty-bound to support Sophie (and, more pertinently, Sophie’s children, who don’t exactly have a lot of choice in the matter), I think you could easily be looking at a situation where Amy is permanently at least semi-estranged from her own family. Especially as – while she’s been thinly written – Sophie doesn’t strike me as being conciliating in any real way.

Whether or not she would have jumped into an engagement with Buddy (which seems at least likely to me – she might even have gone ahead and married him), I think her getting as far away from DC as possible is more than likely. (Maybe she, like Ben, would have gone to work in Silicon Valley – she’d hate it, but she would probably be successful)

As for Dan…things on his side are even worse, if that’s possible. Like, with the way things have played out…at least he loves Amy (shallow though that feeling may be) and cares about her wellbeing and wants to keep her near him. He didn’t appear to have ANY positive feelings about Sophie.

And needless to say, if Dan blames Sophie for continuing the pregnancy and thus driving Amy away from him (something I think he would have acknowledge had happened a lot sooner in this scenario than in canon), it’s hard to imagine him being anything close to a decent parent to their child.

Don’t get me wrong – he’s never going to be a GREAT father, and he’s definitely never going to be a Good man, but I think he can become a better one – if he’s with Amy. She warms him up enough that with her influence there’s at least a slim chance that he’ll become close to recognisably human. I don’t think that’s at all likely in a when Sophie’s the mother of his child.

Best case scenario, he abandons them both and sends a monthly check. Worst case scenario, he takes his resentment over losing Amy out on both Sophie and the kid, tormenting them in the way we all know he can. It’s not a remotely pleasant prospect to think about.

Whether Dan COULD win Amy back seems open to question. On the one hand, I think he was being a lot more intelligent with Amy in season 6 than the show ever acknowledged. Yes, he is an ASS throughout, but he seems to have reeled her back in quite effectively – and part of that, I think, was his not pushing on things Amy didn’t want to talk about. As in, Dan never addressed the massive elephant in the room (Amy ghosting him for Buddy), and continued to be his apparently self-absorbed self until the moment she let herself properly relax around him – and then he pounced. (Now that’s only my interpretation – you could argue that maybe he just didn’t care – but I think the balance of probabilities indicates that he cared a LOT, he was just being more careful with her than usual).

It’s an interesting scenario to think about for fic, because I don’t think Dan’s softly-softly approach would stand a chance of working – he would have to be willing (and have the emotional maturity) to be a LOT more declarative about his feelings than he has ever been in the show, but Amy wouldn’t have a single reason to believe him.

However, I think there’s one huge obstacle to them ever getting back together that would be hard to navigate around. Which is that Amy wants children. And however much she might love Dan, I think she would still baulk at the prospect of having a child with someone who had impregnated her sister.

That’s not to say it’s impossible – but Dan would have to give her a damn good reason for ever giving him the time of day again…and I’m not sure what that might be. (And I should say find the thought of writing anything where Dan treats a child as badly as he undoubtedly would treat his child with Sophie…rather unappealing).

Do you think we’ll be getting chapter 3 …

Do you think we’ll be getting chapter 3 soon?

Perhaps not as soon as you might like but: Chapter Three



This doesn’t sound tragic at all!

If this means yet more Matt Murdock manpain I will be MOST annoyed. He’s about two seconds away from playing that blasted Evanescence song.

Also, I found out that my cat is dying today, and so I have much less sympathy for this kind of melodramatic nonsense than I would usually.

I hope either Karen or Foggy slaps the emo right out of him (why not both?)

I have been wanting info on Amy’s backstory wi…

I have been wanting info on Amy’s backstory with either Dan or Selina FOREVER. Or just her backstory in general.

Like we know she’s messed up (as are all the veeple) but I’d like to be certain as to what KIND of messed up she is.

At the least this has to mean they’re giving Amy something more substantive to do than perpetual face-making in the back of scenes, which has to be a plus.

cescedes: side note from my 30th veep rewatch…


side note from my 30th veep rewatch: ben and this guy totally fucked in the past

Ben does have a line in 3.08 about he “poked everything that moved” ten years or so before the beginning of the show. Which might explain his otherwise inexplicable affection for Dan, I suppose.



I’m unstanning

I cannot overemphasise my total lack of interest in the proposed Halloween storyline.


Ugh, Men

Right when I was in the middle of my moving panic nightmare endless battle with Virgin broadband, I ran into…well, kind of an ex. An ex who was, to my knowledge, engaged, settled, and in the progress of buying a house.

He suggested we should go for a drink, and I agreed, on the assumption that it 1) wouldn’t happen, and 2) would be pleasant if it did, because he is generally a nice person even if he did leave me crying in a railway station once upon a time.

Only it turns out, he is NOT engaged. Which I know because he put an engagement ring up for sale on Facebook, with the comment that it “deserves to be worn by someone who is beautiful inside and out.” (I am terrible person, because I laughed like a CRAZY person when I saw that – I mean…dude. Just. Dude. Maybe write a sad poem in your journal?). And the not-engaged puts a slightly different spin on things, maybe.

Because for the last month or so he has been reading my every single tweet, so far as I can tell – I say this because he is all of a sudden liking something I say on there like two or three per day. Including ones in conversations with other people, who he even doesn’t know.

I do not know what to make of it, at all. I am torn between thinking I’m making something out of nothing, and being irritated with him for…making me think about this stuff. If the timing didn’t correlate so precisely with his break-up, it wouldn’t bother me nearly so much. (Also…if he wants to see me, can’t he just say so, and stop stalking my twitter conversations about the politics of casting in Australian Theatre? I know for a FACT he doesn’t care about that in the least).

ANYWAY. I am wasting an unhealthy amount of mental energy on this, when I should just remember Selina’s maxim:

@trilbychild the tie I was thinking of!

@trilbychild the tie I was thinking of!



head: things between dan and amy will probably have an unsatisfactory ending because Mandel is evil and doesn’t care about the characters on veep just because they are unapologetic assholes

heart: if dan and amy aren’t endgame I will cry to the point of dehydration and force myself into an oasis like hallucination of a good ending for them

My position on this is that I want a RESOLVED ending, because the notion of Dan playing headgames with Amy and their child in perpetuity is just too depressing to contemplate, and I want a moment where they both acknowledge what is going on between them ON screen. So much of Dan’s development, in particular, has been either off screen or merely hinted at, that I feel we are owed that much at least – I want to know what his feelings actually are, instead of having to…make deductions.

Anything else will be a bonus.

After seeing Amy in that striped shirt at the …

After seeing Amy in that striped shirt at the retreat, I thought it looked slightly too familiar. So I've just spent the last hour googling and trying to match it to Dan's ties. (There's one scene in 4.02 where he's in DOUBLE stripes – both shirt and tie. It's not a match, I just loved the double stripes.) I think I've gone over to the bad place and it's entirely your fault. I don't regret it though 🙂

If it helps, I swear I remember Dan having a striped tie sometime in season 1 (I think it’s cream and red – his colours are a lot lighter in season one though, lots of light gray suits) I just can’t be bothered to track down which episode it’s in (because even I have limits).

More to the point, if you all get to good at this, I’m going to be completely stuck when the new season airs – you’ll probably come up with much smarter things than I will!