when will dan’s blue suits come back bec…

when will dan’s blue suits come back because this grey look he’s got going on atm is really not working for me

The very dark grey suit he’s wearing in 7.04 isn’t Reid Scott’s best colour, I agree.

The thing is though, I thought both he and Amy looked great in the opening scene of 7.01 – the electric blue of her dress and the dove grey of his suit played off each other beautifully.  

But going by the 7.04 promo, not only is everyone in Selina’s entourage wearing some shade of grey, the plane has also gotten darker.  

Things are not going well, in other words.

My guess would be that, much like in season 4, proper colour will re-enter Dan’s life when Amy does.  But it really is just a guess – we haven’t seen enough pictures to be know much of anything.