Okay. So, I have been mentally preparing myself for the last few episodes of Veep so that I won’t go totally insane after seeing how the leave Dan’s character at the end of the series. 

And I was thinking about Amy deserving better and possibly even being happy with someone else in the future. It is pretty easy to see this happening now more than ever because, with how awful Dan has been, she may finally be able to move on, and he doesn’t seem like he would care at this point if she were with someone else. And I feel like early seasons Dan would even be mostly fine with it because, in his mind, she’ll always love him more than anyone else.

That being said, if Amy does get pregnant again like we suspect, I CANNOT see any version of Dan being okay with it. Even though Dan did not want a kid, supposedly isn’t interested in Amy, and has seemed more indifferent towards he than he has ever been, I can’t imagine he’d ever let this go. If Amy got pregnant by someone else shortly after aborting their kid, Dan’s pride and ego and belief that he is Amy’s #1 would be completely shot. 

So weirdly, somehow, if she does get pregnant again, I think it HAS to be Dan’s. Which seems like the show’s way of permanently tying them together without actually making them a couple that lives “happily ever after.” 

The dumbest thing about this, to me, is that Mandel, the writers, and Reid keep trying to push that Amy loves Dan but he doesn’t love her… he just respects her opinion, loves being her partner in crime, and enjoys sleeping with her enough that it happens (possibly multiple times), years after they dated. It’s like… what would they like us to believe a romantic relationship is? Does it have to have more backstabbing like Selina and Tom’s? 

I believe Anna was right in her assessment. Dan loves Amy, but he doesn’t believe in love or understand it. So he refuses to acknowledge it and apparently never fully will. (Thanks to Mandel’s assassination of his character)

I find the contention that the shippers were clamouring for marriage and babies for them rather questionable. I don’t think it was ever the top of anyone’s wish list.

And ugh, the idea of Dan getting off on the notion of Amy’s pregnancy, even while pushing her into an abortion, is so hideous it probably is what was going on.

Dan’s need to be number 1 with Amy has been such a constant aspect of the character that I really do find Reid Scott’s contention that he doesn’t love her, never did and was just “getting his rocks off” really, really strange. What, in that case, is the difference between Amy and Brie?

On the most basic level, if Dan really has no feelings for Amy, why does he treat her differently to every other woman who has the misfortune of crossing his path? (Cross my heart, I remember saying once that an advantage of Dan and Amy being together is that he wouldn’t be inflicted on anyone else. How right I was).