I would have settled for them being friends wi…

I would have settled for them being friends with benefits, but that won't work with Amy being pregnant. Right?

I don’t think Amy’s emotionally equipped to handle that kind of relationship with Dan – we’ve never seen her manage it with anyone, and if she couldn’t do it with Ed or Buddy, I can’t see her making it work with Dan, who she has come to love.

And for what it’s worth, I always kind of thought Dan knew that a casual relationship with her of the kind he likes simply wouldn’t work – and that his ongoing rejection of Amy was actually because he wanted to keep her in his life.  He liked her too much to start something with a built-in sell-by date, in other words – and the status quo, where he was her closest companion and best friend, but still got to sleep around, suited him down to the ground.  

Which is why I’m going to be furious if the show tries to sell us on “Dan and Amy aren’t together but are non-sexual partners” ending, because we’ve already seen that, within the show, and it doesn’t work for them.  It works for Dan, sure, but it leaves Amy feeling perpetually rejected and undesirable*, and without any kind of sexual fulfilment or reliable emotional support.  We’ve had three years of that, and the thought of it continuing into the future is incredibly depressing.

*can I take a moment to point out that Amy has been rejected on screen almost as much as Jonah?  It’s downright cruel.