Veep Speculation: Dan

After 7×03, I think it is safe to say that the writers are not planning on redeeming Dan. Like people on here have often said, Dan only learns when he’s basically hit rock bottom. Since rock bottom seems nowhere in sight, I think it’s pretty safe to assume 7×07 flashforward will definitely feature old Dan with a young wife. Whatever ‘win’ he has, that Reid Scott mentioned, is almost certainly career-based.

Come to terms with this unfortunate yet inevitable ending, I am trying to use what we’ve gotten in interviews and on the show to figure out what they’re doing with Dan in the present.

Reid Scott has said many times that Dan is going through an identity crisis, triggered by this sudden possibility of becoming a father. However, he’s also said that Dan’s been feeling himself since he has money and has gotten some fame and is back to his old job.

There seem to be about 3 ways of looking at Dan’s behavior. 1. Dan is sleeping around simply to avoid the fact that he is getting older and should probably settle down. 2. Dan has been sleeping around to purposefully push Amy into getting the abortion. 3. Dan has been subconsciously sabotaging his relationship with Amy so that she wouldn’t have the kid and things would go back to normal.

The issue is that we’ve never seen them have a conversation about it/never seen DAN’S side of things. Because a case could be made for both 2 and 3 with the last scene in 7×03. As soon as Amy’s not pregnant anymore, they go back to normal and Dan’s back to being normal because he got what HE wanted.

Unfortunately, I’m gonna guess that they’re also going to continue 1 for the next (few) episodes because Mandel & co. can’t seem to get off the “Dan fucks everything” train.

Because they had Dan x Amy go right back to being buds and no explanation for Dan’s behavior or character growth, I could see Dan getting fired in 7×04 and Amy bringing Dan into Jonah’s campaign herself.

Since we’re pretty positive Amy gets pregnant again, I’m guessing it is either by someone else or it’s another unseen, unimportant (to Dan) hookup and this time Amy says she’s keeping it and Dan manages to be okay with it. Which is his “redemption.”

It’s a ridiculous way of thinking that giving them a kid but no romantic relationship will placate the audience. They used to be a potential couple that never wanted children and are ending up a non-couple with a kid.

The last paragraph sums it up perfectly – there are ways to do this if the writers must, but ways that aren’t nearly so goddamn dumb.