If Mandel’s goal was to make me not like…

If Mandel’s goal was to make me not like Dan/Amy anymore, he has succeeded. It hurts, as a woman, to watch this play out the way it has.

Aww, pet, I’m sorry.

And I know what you mean, I do.

My heart started to hurt for Amy after 7.02, because her entire situation – trapped with people she loves but who don’t ever seem to care about her in return, unable to make any decisions for herself or escape people who feel they have the right to dictate what she does with her body – felt like something out of a feminist nightmare.

Not only that, but…this is a female character who has been on the receiving end of pretty much relentless rejection for two and a half seasons of the show, alongside the insinuation that this is because there is a problem with her, that she’s not sexy or feminine enough. If Amy’s your entrypoint into the show – and for many women she will be – at a certain point that starts to hurt.

Even Jonah doesn’t get rejected as much as Amy does, ffs.

And, not for nothing, this show has come to have an ugly attitude regarding sexual pleasure for women.