Do you think Dan sleeps with sophie because he…

Do you think Dan sleeps with sophie because he cant have amy and its easier in a way? Or are we just over analysing lmao

Dan sleeps with Sophie because he’s a dick and she’s there.

He knows that’s going to upset Amy. He knows that she’s got to be going into the abortion with, at best, mixed feelings about it. And he knows that in the end, when she’d made her decision she didn’t come to him for help, she went to her sister – who she can’t stand – over him.

And he knows all of those things are his fault. He does not, I think it’s fair to say, tend to handle guilt well, even the faint trace elements of it he’s capable of feeling.

So there’s (potentially) a lot of feelings swirling around in the mix. Especially as he also knows (somewhere deep down that he won’t acknowledge) that he could just talk to her – they could sit down, hash it out, and reach a solution where, even if Amy has the abortion, neither he or she has to feel quite so terrible about it. He could have gone to Amy’s room that night, given her a hug and told her that she wasn’t alone – he always had at least the option of doing that.

But could there be a better way of making it clear to her that he is never, ever going to change, no matter how sweet she looks or how much she makes him smile or how many times she tries to tell him how she feels?

It is an utterly despicable thing to do, and judging by his expression when he…confessed, he knew that.

If he wasn’t at least tempted to try to make things work with Amy, I don’t think he’d be self-sabotaging quite so aggressively.