Why do I feel like Jonah and his wife may end …

Why do I feel like Jonah and his wife may end up being good for Amy’s self confidence. This struck me for two reasons- in S5 when Jonah complimented Dan and in 7×03 when Beth complimented that woman at the consultancy

Bizarrely, Beth seems to be a genuinely nice person (if weirdly unbothered by her husband’s blatant displays of hatefulness), sweet-natured and kind-hearted. And for all of Jonah’s faults (I cannot believe I just wrote that) he’s too dumb to deliver the kind of personalised nastiness Selina specialises in.

Plus, there has literally never been a time when Jonah hasn’t thought highly of Amy. That said, I have no doubt he’s going to be astonishingly obnoxious to her, as he is to everyone, but at the least I think we’ll see an end to the gendered abuse. (At least I hope so – encountering a barrage of misogyny every time I watch Veep is wearing extremely thin).