I thought Amy was supposed to have a big &quot…

I thought Amy was supposed to have a big "blow up" moment where she was was going to go off on Dan. What happened to that?

Well, she did blow up.

Not in the way I would like, and not in the way Dan deserves, but for Amy to be so stressed out that she starts screaming at random idiot rednecks… that’s all of the feelings she’s been suppressing about the abortion coming out right there.

And coming out in a safe way. Because Amy can scream at protesters all the live long day, and never worry about what they’ll say back to her, because she doesn’t care what they think. Opening herself up to Dan, even if she is absolutely furious with him, means she runs the risk of him finding yet another way to crush her.

I do find it frustrating though, because from what Anna Chlumsky said in interviews, there is no comeuppance for Dan – the show is never going to bring him face to face with the consequences of his actions. And there’s something dramatically unsatisfying in that – because if this is never talked out, on screen, whatever ending they give Dan and Amy is going to feel half-arsed, whether it’s happy or sad or something in between.