I think the pregnancy was a way to show us tha…

I think the pregnancy was a way to show us that they are not meant to be a couple. Maybe there’s closure when Dan says that he cares about her and wants her to be happy and lets her go.

That’s my stumbling block, because I just cannot believe Dan will outgrow his innate selfishness to the extent of letting someone else take his place with Amy.

Like Dan starting to think just a little bit longer-term and making the calculation that if he wants to keep Amy with him, he’s going to have to make some trade-offs, that I can believe. Dan caring enough about Amy’s happiness that he will prioritise it over his own? And not just once, but on an ongoing basis, assuming she stays in his life?

I feel like that requires a bigger change in his character, more personal growth, if anything. He was jealous of Ed he got stinking drunk in front of colleagues – so aggravated by Buddy he paraded his jealousy on national television. And, suddenly, somehow, he’s going to let Amy go and cheer on her loving and being loved by another man?

I mean, sure they might do that, but if they do, I think we’re owed at least an explanation as to what happened to the possessive shithead we used to know and try not to love.