I honestly think Amy is going to Jonahs campai…

I honestly think Amy is going to Jonahs campaign to be Selinas eyes and ears in a way I feel like she and Dan have something planned I don’t think shes just going to ditch them like that because even an idiot can tell that Jonah isnt going anywhere so its not a good career path

You know, way back when we originally heard that Amy was going to Jonah’s campaign, I wondered about that. Have Amy be Selina’s inside man, sabotage Jonah’s campaign from the inside out.

Where it always fell down for me, is that it requires Selina to demonstrate some long term strategic vision, and to trust in Amy’s competence.

And now…I guess the question is why? Why would Selina seek to sabotage Jonah’s campaign – he isn’t a threat. He’s so much not a threat he’s being out-debated by a cos-playing wizard.

I think it’s simpler than it – it’s the same calculation Amy made for Dan in season 5. If Jonah fails horribly, no one will blame her, and if he succeeds even a little, she’s a political genius. It would set her up for life as a political Svengali – put her in a position where, for the first time in her life, she gets to call the shots.

And bear in mind, Amy has less holding her to Selina than ever before – both she and Dan have shown themselves to care so little, what reason does Amy have to stay? What is she going to gain from staying on Selina’s campaign except more abuse?

As always, this is terrible, terrible leadership on Selina’s part, because you do not drive the person who knows your strategic weaknesses better than anyone into the arms of the enemy – and certainly not for the high crime of daring to be pregnant. (If Selina wanted to launch Andrew at Tom or Kemi like a cruise missile, that would make sense).

Dan’s reaction is the one that takes work to make sense of, I think, because he was reacting far too much like…they were team, to Amy accepting an offer that will take her away from him. I have a theory on that, but it does read oddly.