David Mandel to The Hollywood Reporter: "…

David Mandel to The Hollywood Reporter: "I don’t want to put words in her mouth, but I think Anna's initial concern when ending a pregnancy was not necessarily on the table yet, was — does anyone want to see Amy as a mother? What does it mean for the character? I know people ship Dan and Amy, I understand that. But even to those people, who I’m sure will be up in arms, I guess I would ask: Do you really see Amy Brookheimer as a mother? Think about that." YES I CAN SEE AMY AS A MOTHER.

I think Anna was just really shocked when they revealed the pregnancy at the end of season 6 because they sort of just threw it at her, so I can see her grappling with those questions. 

But an interviewer recently did mention to her that they could see her as possibly being a good mother versus Dan being a father and she said she didn’t think so, which is interesting.

Amy was so vehemently against having children in seasons 1-4 so maybe I couldn’t see it then, even though I loved the characterization we got in fic, based off of 1×06, Baseball and 3×03, Alicia. But I can see Amy as a mother now, especially she still wants to have a baby, just in her own time.

I keep thinking about what Anna said about how Amy figures out a way to balance life and work. And I wonder if/how the second pregnancy plays into that at all.