A veep style question: for the first few episo…

A veep style question: for the first few episodes amy has been wearing flats which we can assume is for practically but do you think they’ve also done it on purpose to make amy shorter and ‘inferior’ to the rest of Selina’s team. And if that’s the case, do you think that when she moves away from Selina and gets her ‘glow up’ she’ll start wearing heels again to kind of symbolise her ‘rising above’, so to speak, and coming back into herself??

I think it’s absolutely purposeful – it’s to make her look small and vulnerable, especially beside Dan who is a full foot taller than she is, and easily twice as wide. Notice that the one time in the entire history of the show when they want Dan to seem protective – when he walks her into the clinic – they have her in flats, and they dress Dan all in black, so that he looks even more imposing beside her.

But this also applies to Selina, because when JLD is in heels and Anna Chlumsky isn’t, there can easily be a five to six inch height difference between them.

There was a fabulous shot in the first episode where Amy was standing in the middle of a circle of Kent, Richard, Dan and Ben – all of whom come to close to six feet tall if not above it, and in case completely overwhelm tiny little Amy. And then Selina approaches – in her heels – and they all talk about how to resolve the problem. Literally over Amy’s head.

For practical reasons, I think she’ll have to be back in heels in the next episode – how else do you get Anna Chlumsky into shot with Tim Simmons? But it will also have the effect of making her look more imposing, and thus ‘in control.’ (Though there are ways of making smallness read powerfully on screen – they do it with Selina all the time).