wecouldstillbegreat: New stills from 7×04, So…


New stills from 7×04, South Carolina, 1/?

Everyone on Selina’s plane is wearing a shade of gray. It’s actually kind of similar to how things were in season 1, when only Selina got to wear colours – it makes Selina stand out, but it gives the scene a rather drab appearance at the same time – everything’s beige or gray or white. I still think that dark gray on Dan – combined with the excessive bronzer – leaves him looking a bit grim. He has apparently started dyeing his hair again.

Notice how the coral colour of her dress matches the font in her poster? She was wearing white light blue in the previous episode’s promo pics – basically extending her campaign branding to her wardrobe, so that no matter what, Selina ‘owns’ those colours.

Weirdly, Little Richard looks smaller than he did in episode 1 – so maybe there isn’t a time jump? Though he looked a good six months older than he should have in the first episode, so I’m not sure his age is reliable “where in space-time are we?” factor. Going by Catherine’s wardrobe, as well as the extras in the Teddy scene, I’d say we’ve moved into late autumn, at least.