I know there are still several episodes left a…

I know there are still several episodes left and anything can happen, but I’m confused by that photo we saw of the cast on the last day, where Amy is wearing white. Do you think Amy’s pregnant, or was it just a weird angle? Do you think Amy gets pregnant by someone else? Is there any chance it could be Dan’s? How do you think the finale spoiler fits into this?

Short answer: no idea

Long answer: I bloody hope so.

If they are going to give us such an upsetting context for Amy’s choice to have an abortion early on the show, with it being impossible to escape the feeling that it’s not a free choice, but one made under immense emotional pressure from Dan and Selina, it will be much easier to accept if she gets another chance at having the baby she seems to want.

Also, while you’re not wrong that it could just be a weird angle, I think Amy looks more pregnant in the white dress pic, than she did in any of the early season picture, and…we were right about them.

Any speculation I come regarding the ending feels like it is virtually guaranteed to be wrong, but I can see it going either way. I’ve always thought it’s possible to write Amy falling for someone who isn’t Dan, and who knows… maybe she blossoms, meets someone else, and moves on. Maybe Dan makes things up to her somehow, and handles a second pregnancy in a more mature manner (it would not be hard).

Maybe they end up together in the present, and then a flash forward shows that things fell apart at some point. Maybe, Amy discovers the pregnancy, instinctively tells Dan to fuck off because after the current shitshow she simply doesn’t want to take the risk of letting him in, and he marries a twenty-two year old as a kind of retaliation – in which case the ‘win’ Reid Scott has been referring to at the end of the show, is him finally sorting things out with Amy. (I should say, I don’t find the idea of him marrying a twenty-two year old palatable in any way – but it is marginally less repugnant of him to do it at forty then at fifty-five).

Basically, I can see a variety of ways in which to write it – and I don’t think they have pushed Dan (yet) to the point where it is completely unacceptable to the audience for Amy to give him another chance, though they are pushing up very close to that line.