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New stills for 7×03, Pledge, 2/2

Couple of Veep Style thoughts.

Selina’s white dress is almost an exact replica of the red one she wore to announce her campaign in season 3 – just white instead of red, and with longer sleeves. I think there’s both an in and out of show reason for it.

Within the show, Amy commented about Selina coming full circle in the first episode – so the repetition is probably a reference to that. Outside of the show, wearing all white has become a kind of visual shorthand for female politicians ever since Hilary Clinton walked out to accept her nomination in a white pantsuit. Clinton intended it as a reference to the suffragettes – and Selina has already shown a willingness to use that imagery in her campaign.

I find it interesting that the colour of Leon’s suit so clearly sets him apart from the rest of Selina’s team – he’s an outsider. Selina’s blouse and the check of Amy’s dress are in similar, light colours, but that’s it.

Also, look how tight Amy’s dress is. All her costumes so far this season have been relatively loose, an attempt to conceal her baby bump (which I think speaks more to her own self-consciousness about it, because it was barely noticeable). This makes me wonder if that scene is happening after a time jump, because I can’t imagine Amy would start dressing in a more body conscious style immediately after having the abortion – especially as, much like after a later miscarriage, it would probably take a month or two for her hormones to settle down, so she’d feel more normal.

But the dark colour does not bode well – or at least, it doesn’t usually, for Amy – who’s confidence and comfort over the course of the show has been directly linked to how colourful and form-fitting her clothes are (both elements are important – her dresses in 7.02 were colourful, but they covered her up a lot, and were rather loose). I wonder if whatever terrible thing Dan does happens while she’s in this costume.

Weirdly, for all that Selina is far more… performative in how she dresses, I’ve often thought the character seems most at ease when she’s in less attention-grabbing clothing – she dressed in a more business-like style in season 4, which I think is when she was more comfortable. Of course, that was the one season she got to spend doing the job, instead of in a perpetual interview for it – so she could relax a little, hence, I think, a slightly more muted colour palette, with more blacks and grays, as well as the perpetual reds.