Seriously, Reid. 🙄

Dan’s giving her that look he gave her in season 2 when she was flipping out at the producer in Selina’s house. I can’t remember the episode, but it’s I think 2X09 or 2X08. But anyway, he’s giving her that look of ‘that’s my girl’ when she flips out on someone that isn’t him and he’s enjoying her taking them down. It’s pride reflected in his eyes, which is a weird emotion to have when she’s obviously getting an abortion. So sad they decided to go through with this storyline.

I have many emotions about his face in this scene. Ugh.

Going off a bit…I really wish we saw more abortions on TV…but not this way. I’m judging without seeing, but there’s a chance this gives amutution to (IMO insane) people who already have the idea that women can’t be “trusted” to make decisions about their own body. I hate that Amy is being influenced by Dan. I hate that they made it seem like she wanted kids in earlier seasons. Take those factors away, and it was what she wanted, and I would been cheering on this abortion (which should would have had earlier on). It’s frustrating. Who knows, maybe it really will be what she wants in the moment. The lead up has been awful.

Also, I don’t appreciate being fucked with, Reid.

You know I would be a lot less uncomfortable with Amy being so rampantly pressured about the abortion if the show was even a little more balanced in acknowledging just how messed up it all is. Because as is, it almost becomes an insidious argument against abortion rights – look how they make it possible for a woman’s employer and partner to abuse and coerce her in a way they couldn’t if the easy ‘out’ of an abortion weren’t available.

Like, at least let Amy be angry and express it – that one factor alone would make all the ‘jokes’ a lot more tolerable.

I also…look Reid Scott is almost certainly posting these things on instructions from the HBO publicity department – because they must know how much he likes teasing the audience. But this is what I meant when I said the writers are using the narrative tension of the Dan / Amy relationship to draw the audience in – it’s become a central plank of their promotional work.

And it’s just…gross to do that – to leverage the audience’s investment in Dan and Amy to promote the show – when what the show is actually depicting is Dan emotionally abusing Amy to the point where she gives up the child she appears to want.

That’s not being ballsy and depicting abortion as a positive, breaking all the taboos that prevent it from ever appearing on television (even in scenarios where it really would have made sense, like Superstore’s last season), whatever the Veep showrunners might appear to think.

So much of this would be solved if Amy’s decision to leave Dan and Selina came first – then the abortion would be her first step in reclaiming her life. As is, it seems like the abortion itself is her taking yet more abuse from the two people she loves most. Like, sure she’s making a choice, but it’s a choice that seems to push her further into a cage, rather than setting her free.

The ballsier choice – for Veep – would have been to have Amy blast them both with the reality of what they’re doing – to treat attempted reproductive coercion with some measure of the weight it deserves, rather than an excuse for jokes – and then walk the hell away.

How on earth do they get from Selina forcing Amy to pretend to have had a miscarriage in season one being framed as abusive and cold-blooded bullying, to this?