Is it normal for Dan to be in the room while A…

Is it normal for Dan to be in the room while Amy has the abortion? Like I’m assuming it’s atleast a bit surgical because she’s later into her pregnancy so it seems a bit odd right or do they usually allow people in??

I’m probably not the best person to answer this – I’m not an authority on gynecological care, by any means, and it’s not something I have personal experience of.

However, I would be surprised if it was unusual. While a surgical abortion is invasive, the risk of infection can’t possibly be higher than if Amy was having a C-section later on in pregnancy, and it would be absolutely normal for Dan to be present for that.

Moreover, doctors aren’t just technicians. While it’s an operation that can be carried out with local anaesthetic (it may well be one of the operations that it’s actually better for the patient to be conscious for, so they can keep the surgeon informed of how they’re feeling, like brain or eye surgery), it’s understandably often a more…emotional experience than other types of surgery.

It’s in everyone’s interests – most especially Amy’s – if she is able to stay calm and as relaxed as possible for the duration of the surgery, and having a supportive person with her would obviously help with that. Now, Dan doesn’t strike me as the kind of company most women would choose to have with her during an abortion, but under normal circumstances it would be reasonable for the surgeon to assume that a person accompanying a woman to an abortion is someone she wants to have in the room with her. (Though, since reproductive coercion is a thing in abusive relationships – even if the show is ignoring that fact – I imagine they would want to see Amy alone for at least a few minutes).

That said, I know neither of them is the most demonstrative, but I’m not sure how much comfort he’s providing in that short clip – would it kill him to hold her hand, or at least stand close enough that she can see his face? Also, it seems odd to me that Amy’s wearing a hair cap and he isn’t.