What do you think of Tom James sleeping with h…

What do you think of Tom James sleeping with his Amy? Does that mean that he’s attracted to Amy on some level? What do you think Selina thinks of that with the way she’s been treating Amy?

Bear in mind, the show is trying to build to a set-up where Amy finally cuts the cord with Selina after more than a decade of working together – so a lot of what is going with the Michelle character really has more to do with Selina and Amy than Tom as such.

That said, I’m kind of…tired of the show having every single male character be…let’s call it unpleasant in his sexual choices. We have Dan and Jonah sleeping with teenagers, Andrew abusing the trust of every woman he’s ever met, and now Tom apparently having a penchant for much younger blonde women.

Because apparently the one thing a man in Veep can’t stand long term is a relationship between equals.

I mean, sure, they’re all assholes, fine, but can there not at least be variations in the assholery?

What I think it says about Tom is that his ego was just as bruised as Selina’s by the bust-up of season 5, and he retreated to two much younger women who worship him as a direct result – rather than pursuing something with Selina (which he certainly could have), who, despite her legions of deep-seated flaws, has always seen him for exactly who and what he is.

I should also say, that Selina’s comments about Tom always chasing after women like Amy and Michelle could cast Amy’s insistence that Tom be on the ticket in season 4 in a different light – just why was she so adamant about it? I know Anna Chlumsky has talked about Amy possibly having an affair with a much, much older man when she was in college…which I don’t particularly like as a plot point, but if you wanted to ‘cast’ that character, I think we now have a strong contender.

Moreover, given that Tom explicitly describes Michelle as his “Amy” (not his Ben or his Kent), it does beg the question of how Tom perceives Amy and Selina’s relationship. Like, Selina, there’s a young woman in Tom’s life who is devoted to him, who he won’t defend if it’s not convenient for him, and…well, if you were inclined to ship Selina and Amy, there’s a lot of material there. Especially when coupled with Selina being so invested in denying that Amy is attractive – she’s not unlike Dan in that regard, it must be said.

And of course Tom is attracted to Amy on some level – virtually every male character on the show who isn’t Ben, Kent, Gary or Mike, is attracted to her. Even Richard has a crush on her, despite being virtually asexual. That said, I imagine it’s a pretty superficial attraction – he’d sleep with her, but I think it’s clear Selina is the person he actually wants.

He’s just so in love with the idea of having power (much like Selina, it’s not terribly clear what Tom actually wants to do with power, once he has it) that he’ll never pursue her in anything more than a half-hearted manner. Michelle or Alethia or Amy would never tempt him to make a sacrifice – Selina might. (That said, Tom is more balanced than Selina, so I think he’d be better at building some kind of life after politics, into which Selina and her heart medication might fit quite nicely. But they will have some hair-raising arguments in the early stages of their relationship, before they’ve learned to accommodate each other’s narcissism).