dan egan’s an asshole but damn reid scott is charming

(from veep wiki – 7×04)

Bringing the fake tan back after making such a point of it in season 6 is a strange choice. Especially when his face and neck (who gets a tan on their neck?) are a different colour to his hands. Not saying he looks bad, as such, but it’s more…overt than Dan’s efforts at grooming usually are. Perhaps he’s stepped up the make-up in an attempt to look young?  I really never expected to look at Dan and be reminded of Donald Trump, but…I guess anything goes in season 7.

The dark gray is a rather more somber colour than what he was wearing in episodes 1 and 2 – not that Dan has ever had a particularly vibrant colour-palette, but compare it to the blues, greens and dove-gray he was wearing before (he and Amy really did look like a matched set in that pic – his suit set off the electric blue of her dress perfectly). Especially against that beige background, there’s something kind of lifeless about it.