What do you think the chance is of Amy keeping…

What do you think the chance is of Amy keeping the baby at this point? Like what frustrates me is that she seems to have pondered what she wanted in the first episode and concluded that having this baby is what she wants to do. It's only after Dan goes full douchebag that she decides to get an abortion. Frankly I just want Amy to be happy, so whatever choice will lead her on the path to confidence and happiness is fine with me (as it's HER choice to decide what SHE wants).

This is one of my problems with the way this is being framed by the show.  Because it’s impossible to believe that this is a free and unconstrained choice on her part.  

I mean, don’t get me wrong – if Amy doesn’t want to have a baby without a partner there to support her, I think that’s a reasonable position.  Looking after an infant is hard, doing it alone is harder, and her career is extremely demanding in just about every way, which ratchets up the pressure considerably.

But there’s something sickening about watching her be pushed into this choice because not a single person in her life supports her.  Every single one of them jumps to telling her exactly why she must have an abortion before she’s finished her sentence.  Her employer and mentor, her partner, her family – literally no one is in her corner.

Not one person has asked her what she wants.

No wonder she was so happy to see Mike in 7.01 – he might actually give her a hug, which is more than can be said for any other person in her vicinity at this point.

Now, most likely, the show is making all of this so painful so that Amy’s phoenix rise from the ashes will be even more satisfying.  I understand how that works as a story structure.

It’s just… abortion rights – and reproductive control – is so, so important for women’s rights as a whole – so essential for women to be able to build satisfying lives – that I’m frustrated with Veep for depicting all the worst ways pregnant women are treated, without seeming to acknowledge the actual severity of what they’re showing.

They keep talking about tender moments between Dan and Amy (presumably later on in the season) but I really, really don’t see a way to bring her back to him – how could she ever trust him again, even as a friend, let alone anything else, after he’s displayed such a complete lack of character when she needed him most.  

I have grown really really tired of Amy Brookheimer Perpetual Doormat, in case it wasn’t obvious.  But as I said before, “when Amy makes a decision she tends to stick to it, so I wouldn’t expect much in the way of dithering next episode.”  

So as much as I’d like to see her tell Dan to go fuck himself, he doesn’t get to dictate her choices by the power of sheer shameless arseholery – and believe me, I would, because relentless abuse of a pregnant woman is not why I watch Veep… I don’t think we’re going to be that lucky.

As always though, watch me be wrong.