I want dan to kiss the ground amy walks on and…

I want dan to kiss the ground amy walks on and have her just shoo him away with her high heel.

I think we can have some real fun with this anon.

What would make Dan Egan really suffer?

I mean, sure, have him crawl for Amy and beg and plead for her to take him back…and then have Amy point out that he really should start using night cream. Are his pubes going grey too? Maybe she should point out that, unlike him, people still think of her as young. Or that his fake tan isn’t hiding the wrinkles any more.

Or she could point out that Jonah of all people has a woman in his life who enjoys being around him on an ongoing basis – something Dan is never going to have again. Even Catherine isn’t that tragic.

With all my heart, I hope Amy brings every ounce of bitchiness in her soul to bare on his miserable, rotten excuse for a personality and strips him bare.