I hate to be so negative without having seen t…

I hate to be so negative without having seen the finished product, but it's hard to stay positive with the way the story seems to be going. I don't S7 to ruin everything I liked about Dan and Amy. Dan already has a LOT to make up for. We don't need 3 episodes of a 7 episode season to add to that. At this point, I don't know if I can root for them unless he makes up for it in a HUGE way. But he's so callous toward her right now that it all feels one-sided.

I don’t want to say anything too emphatic at this point, given everything we’ve heard…but the one-sidedness of everything thus far is kind of what I was expecting, once we got a sense of how the season was structured.

Think of it like a seesaw. They push all the way down on one side of the season so they can push up on the other – in which case they’re inflicting so much agony now, to make it all the sweeter on the other side.

That is…assuming they are telling the story of Dan and Amy as a couple. I’m not sure any more that they are.

They may well be telling the story of how Amy Brookheimer got her groove back, dumped all these assholes and went off to live her best life. Which will be satisfying in its own way, I don’t doubt – I just wish they didn’t have to distort Dan’s character so violently in order to do it.

Because…put it this way. The show has to work really, really hard to make me find Reid Scott physically repulsive – but they managed it in 7.02. I was having the same reaction to him that I used to have to Jonah.

Which would be fine, if the show wasn’t simultaneously telling me that Dan is supremely attractive to all human women, despite having all the charm of a squashed slug.

It’s like they’ve missed that the appeal of the character always lay in the fact that, almost in spite of himself, he was never able to be the complete dirtbag he aspired to be, at least not when it came to Amy. Take that one element away from the character and he’s too noxious to be enjoyable to watch.