Did you see that new LA Times video of Anna? W…

Did you see that new LA Times video of Anna? What did you think about what she said about Amy and Dan?

Honestly… I am about ready to throw my hands up on this one and admit I don’t know anything at all.

Everything they’re saying is so at odds with what we know about the season, that I’m wondering if there’s some context that we’re missing that changes our interpretation of events entirely (Mandel has a fondness for that kind of…narrative sleight of hand, so I wouldn’t rule that one out entirely) or if I’ve been misreading the characters all this time.

I will also say, that an ending where Amy “chooses herself” and she and Dan are not together, but she’s still his girl Friday, is exactly what I didn’t want.  That really will be Dan being rewarded for all his bad behaviour, getting to keep Amy close without ever having to take care of her or support her the way she deserves (or even, for the love of god, give her some sexual satisfaction.  She shouldn’t have to live in the sexless box he keeps shoving her into – because you know he’ll get in the way of anyone else).

I’m honestly just tired of all the misery.  Amy wants a partner, she’s made that more than clear over the years, so…I don’t want an ending where she has to compromise on that being presented to us as happy.