What are you thoughts should we still be hopef…

What are you thoughts should we still be hopeful? Or just prepare ourselves for the worst

I will have a proper response to this tomorrow – when I am less in need of sleep and have thought about things more – but for now…I’d just say that any show where Tom James and Selina are ‘in love’ despite all their…everything, is always going to have a slightly skewed view of romance.  Other partners, marriages, divorces, massive personal betrayals… none of them necessarily have much bearing on whether people love each other or not, at least in Veep.

In the meantime, I don’t know if this will make anyone feel better, but a speculative What Might Have Been, based on some of what we know about the rest of the season: Future Imperfect.

(I wrote this really, really quickly, so please forgive its many, many faults).