"She's always been this GENERIC…&q…

"She's always been this GENERIC…" fuuuuuuuuck David Mandel.

Honestly though. You’re telling me that Amy Brookheimer is a generic staffer? She’s so much more than that.

She knew what she wanted and went after it regardless of what anybody thought, especially Dan. What happened to the Amy who gave no fucks and insisted that they find a guitar for Dan to play, even though he said it was for seduction only, who used her dad’s stay in the hospital to get out of having to talk to Furlong, who screamed her head off in a parking lot, who drove off in search of Pearce alone, leaving Dan, Richard, and Jonah behind, who quit and then left halfway through a CNN broadcast during election night, only to come back?

So to make her less “generic,” they gave her the Candi Caruso rivalry storyline, stuck her with Buddy and had everyone treat her terribly for the last 3 seasons…

You’re right, fuuuuuuuuck David Mandel.

Her transformation better be e v e r y t h i n g.