If the inspiration ever strikes, a rewrite of …

If the inspiration ever strikes, a rewrite of Dan/Amy after season 4 would be the exact medicine this fandom needs after this mess of a week!

Dear anon,

I make no promises.  And I would want to see how the season plays out before plotting something like that out.

But I am also not saying never.  (I still think there’s a possible jumping off point after season 5 – where Selina wins the Presidency but Montez is VP – that could have been a lot of fun to play with)

Also, if this plays out in the worst way possible – and remember, it may not, it may have a twist none of us are expecting – that is the exact scenario fanfic is designed for. Fixing what went wrong in a story is a great spur to creativity, and maybe, just maybe we’ll even get some new fan authors out of it.