Maybe polina plays dan’s future love int…

Maybe polina plays dan’s future love interest who is strangely an Amy look alike after Amy ditched him for some guy who’s much better to her. Of course this is far fetched but Reid Scott did say that the situation was handled in a very Dan way.

I can feel people starting to get nervous about the presence of another pretty blonde woman in the cast.

But if that is the ending (and I can’t say it’s impossible), I think we can be sure that Dan is miserable.  

Because let’s be real – what are the odds of Dan finding another woman who is capable of knowing him and still falling for him?  I’d say they’re so minuscule as to potentially not be measurable by modern science.  Which means Dan would be stuck with a woman who’s either so stupid she doesn’t realise what a terrible person he is, or who only got involved with him for the money and/or connections.  If it’s the former I think he’d be bored out of his skull in minutes flat, and if it’s the latter… while it might not bother him emotionally, I can’t see it being a particularly fulfilling relationship.

More to the point, while I can definitely see it being emotionally satisfying to the “make Dan suffer” portion of the audience for him to wind up with a vastly inferior Amy-substitute, while she sails off into a blissful future, I actually think it would be rather out of character for him.

Because Dan has been presented with Amy substitutes over and over throughout the show – Sophie, Jane and Brie being the most obvious – and while he slept with lots of them, and exploited all of them as needed, not one of them has ever shaken his emotional focus on Amy for even a moment.  Dan can be having sex with every woman in New York (if season 6 is anything to go by) and it wouldn’t change his craving for Amy’s attention over anyone else’s.

His emotional attachment to her is the most serious one in his life (not that that means much of course), and it has persisted through years of Amy ignoring him or freezing him out.  I really, really struggle to picture a scenario where Amy is in Dan’s life – in any way – and he isn’t trying to get her attention (sexual, emotional, or political) on him and away from anyone else (including her partner).

Put it this way, if Amy ditched Dan and married someone else, can I see him sleeping with another pretty blonde woman?  Definitely.  I could even see him marrying said woman, in an attempt to piss Amy off.

And getting stuck with a wife he doesn’t give a damn about through a pigheaded attempt to annoy Amy does sound like the kind of short-termist stupidity Dan is capable of.  

But what I can’t see is Dan developing a genuine relationship with this other woman – and I’m confident he would ditch her the moment she became a serious obstacle to Amy paying attention to him.  (He is actually capable of learning, even if he resists it, remember.  There’s a reason he’d stopped talking about Sophie in any way whatsoever by the time of Thanksgiving).

One of the biggest differences between Amy and him is that he’s not capable of falling for someone else.

So, yes, it’s possible.  But I urge everyone to remember that we don’t know anything yet.  This is all wild speculation.  And as always, I will be happy if Veep gives us a resolved ending between them – I can definitely live with Dan being miserable, if the story has had an emotional resolution.  (Amy not so much.  She’s had more than her share of misery at this point).