The only acceptable ending now is for Amy to m…

The only acceptable ending now is for Amy to murder Dan and make it look like an accident

Did we know that Reid Scott browses tumblr? Because this reads exactly like something he would say – and did say in some of the interviews.

I’m not saying murder is unjustified, and I’d certainly enjoy watching it, but honestly…this is a case where living well really will be the best revenge.

Assuming the turn around in Amy’s costume means anything*, I think it is safe to say that nothing is going to be worse for Dan than knowing she’s out there, gorgeous and successful and admired, and he could have had her if he’d acted like a decent person for once in his entire life. I don’t think he’ll like the idea of her lavishing attention on other people one bit.

*this may be nitpicking, but I am kind of irritated that a turn for the better in Amy’s life is marked by her dressing in a more conventionally sexy manner. Earlier in the show Dan didn’t need Amy to put on a whole geisha act with the hair and clothes and make-up – he was attracted to her exactly as she was, which has always been one of the main reasons they ever felt like a viable couple. I feel like some of the writing has lost sight of that a little – and I’m not keen on Amy having to ‘perform’ for Dan the way she had to for Buddy.