Okay, so I was thinking about this after the episode…

I think it’s pretty disgusting to have sex with a 19 year old when you’re 39.

I’m just saying.

Dan’s promiscuity kinda grosses me out at this point.

At first, when the series started, Dan had a clear objective. He had sex to get to where he wanted to be. He was climbing the career ladder and we heard about his past and current relationships once or twice. Mostly in a comment form. Also, he wasn’t just fucking women, he was having (albiet short) relationships with them to use them.

But since season 5 and Mandel took over, Dan’s just having sex with everyone no matter what. Granted, the Sophie stuff was for political gain, but what about Brie or the 19 year old Megan? That’s just because he can. He’s not doing it for political gain anymore and I’m not sure when he made that switch. Obviously, it was season 5 (when we actually start seeing Dan’s conquests) but besides the writers changing, what changed in the Veep-verse? (I have this theory that Mandel is vicariously living through Dan, but that’s a whole other thing.)

Also, in episode one, when Dan says what’s up to the reporter, she seemed a little more grossed out than intruiged to be honest. I mean he played it pretty creepy, but she didn’t seem into it, so it’s just kinda weird that she went along with the whole thing.

Lastly, how the fuck did Dan find a 19 year old waitress named Meagan? That’s not a popular name. Like at all. So what are the odds that would actually happen? I read on another form that Dan was just making up that he found a 19 year old named Meagan to mess with Amy.

Idk, the whole Dan sleeping with as many women as possible, especially since the start of season 7 (the reporter and now the teenager), just makes my skin crawl and I love Dan/Amy. They just fit so well! But now I want her to end up as a powerful woman without any man to support her and to just say fuck you and give Dan a big fat slap. At this point, it also makes me wonder why Amy would want to be with someone like that. Or any woman for that matter. End Rant for episode 2.

This will sound strange, but in some ways, I find Mandel’s Dan less gross than Iannucci’s.  

Like, sure, Mandel’s Dan sleeps around – a lot – but he doesn’t manipulate women into sex with him under the impression that they were actually in a genuine romantic relationship (at least, not successfully).  Like, I was never quite sure that Iannucci understood just how creepy and cold-hearted a thing that is for Dan to do?  Or maybe he did, and that’s why we never saw it, but seriously…the show never seemed to fully get how questionable that behaviour was.

Whereas I think it’s clear that we’re supposed to find the way Dan is behaving absolutely repulsive, especially at the moment.  (This also clears up for me just why they had him hit on the Buzzfeed reporter in such a sleazy way, which threw me a little, as I’d always assumed Dan had more game than that).  There’s something almost compulsive about it in the last few episodes, especially the way he keeps flaunting it in front of Amy.  Even setting aside their romantic relationship, it would still be wildly inappropriate – she didn’t consent to being made a party to his sex life in that manner.  

That said, I don’t think it’s a coincidence that we see far more of Dan’s fucked up sex life when his relationship with Amy is either non-existent or under serious strain, which it has been basically ever since 5.03.  Which I think means we can assume he will be worse in 7.04, since she will have left him for Jonah’s campaign by then.

Sleeping with a nineteen year old girl is another matter, and one that I’m not totally sure the writers have a proper handle on.

I remember being nineteen.  Just because Reid Scott is handsome (and he is) doesn’t mean any nineteen year old with an ounce of sense wouldn’t find it off-putting in the extreme to have him hitting on her – the only women who aren’t repelled by men old enough to be their fathers trying to sleep with them are ones who…have other issues.  (To be clear, if you’re 19 and have a crush on Reid Scott, go right ahead, enjoy yourself, that’s perfectly natural – if you’re 19 and Reid Scott – or someone else that age – actually tries to sleep with you…RUN.  That ain’t right).