Re: Dan sleeping with a 19 year old, I agree w…

Re: Dan sleeping with a 19 year old, I agree with everything you said and I wanted to add that with his "I'm not ready to be a daddy to anyone who isn't a sexy, struggling boho jewelry maker who's struggling to pay off her student loans" is explicitly saying he doesn't want to be in a relationship of equals. and does want someone with Daddy issues. So I can only hope that Amy really bows up at him, cuts him off for a good while, and he realizes the things he thinks he wants bring no pleasure.

I think that’s a fair point.  All the relationships we hear him describe are ones where he holds the power in every way – emotional, sexual, financial.

Perhaps he doesn’t like the idea of a relationship where his partner could just up and leave whenever she was on happy, without so much as a warning.  Can’t imagine why he might have a problem with that.  We’ve never seen him successfully cut Amy off – she’s ditched him once before, and is showing every sign of doing it again.

When Amy loses her temper – truly loses it – she does so to devastating affect.  So with any luck, Dan is about to have his shallow self-assurance blown asunder.

His inability to face himself is kind of hilarious though – like, how long is it going to take for him to admit that the hole he keeps trying to fill with casual sex is the one Amy made when she left?