I’m trying not to even think of 7×03 bec…

I’m trying not to even think of 7×03 because we know it’s gonna be a shitshow. SO, for 7×04, how do you think Dan makes his way to the Jonah camp. Does he get fired from Selina’s team? Does he ask Jonah or get an offer? Does he go through Richard? I can’t tell if it’ll parallel the pilot where he actively gets a job in Amy’s office or if he’s just ending up there and they’re forced to work together.

I should say, I don’t know any details about what will happen in 7.03, though it makes me very nervous.  Whatever Dan does has to be bad enough to crack through Amy’s iron-clad wall of repression, and make her leave Selina – given what we’ve seen her accept, that doesn’t bode well.  To give some relief though, I really doubt they’re going to have him be awful to Amy when they’re in the abortion clinic (he’ll be awful to everyone else, but not her).  That’s partly because of the story structure they’ve been following, where his intermittent decency gives Amy a moment of hope – only for it to be dashed shortly afterwards.  So perhaps a flash of kindness in the clinic makes her think that it’s the pregnancy he objects to, not a relationship, only for…something to happen that makes it clear to Amy that Dan doesn’t care about her either.  Again, I have no idea what that something might be…but I find the presence of Brie in the cast for that episode highly suggestive.

As for how he gets on Jonah’s team…it seems more natural to me, in terms of structure, for Dan to actively manipulate his way into Jonah’s team – both because it replicates the first episode, as you’ve said, and because it means Dan is doing something.  There’s potential for conflict with Amy and Jonah and Selina, so it’s a far more energetic story set up.  If he just falls arse-backwards into a post with Jonah, I don’t think it’s as satisfying – and it takes away an opportunity for the writers to torture us with the possibility that maybe, just maybe, he’s decided to fight for Amy at long last.  (Whether or not they put them together in the end, they are going to keep torturing the audience with the hope that they will until the last possible moment).