I’m hoping there’s still some hope…

I’m hoping there’s still some hope for Meagan Egan?! Am I being naive? That she makes the appointment but decides not to go through with it at the last minute?

Well, to quote Florence King, one of my all time favourite writers… “hope springs eternal in the human vagina.”  And I can definitely see ways it could be made to work story-wise.  

But, to quote myself, “when Amy makes a decision she tends to stick to it, so I wouldn’t expect much in the way of dithering next episode.”  And a hidden pregnancy / baby is a very soapy plot point for Veep to play out – not impossible, but challenging.

So, on balance, I think Meagan Brookheimer is probably not going to make it.  And if the framing of Amy’s decision wasn’t so god-awful – her family, employer and sexual partner all pressuring her into an abortion because they will be mildly inconvenienced by her pregnancy – I would genuinely admire Veep for having the ovaries to have a sympathetic character have an abortion.  But I feel like at the moment the framing is such that, while Amy won’t come across in a negative light for having the abortion, the abortion itself seems like a negative thing.  Which is unfortunate.

That said, I won’t be sad if I’m wrong.