even though you mainly analyze veep style to s…

even though you mainly analyze veep style to speculate on further episodes, will you do a reassessment once the series is over? how much have you gotten right so far in these 2 eps? love those posts so much

Honestly, the first Veep style posts I did were completely retrospective, which is a hell of a lot easier to do. The significance of the costumes really only clicks into place when you see the scenes they appear in.

I’m linking to the veep style posts on these eps so you can see for yourself, but I think the main things I’ve got right are:

1. Dark colours being a bad sign for Amy – her costumes go from bright to dark over the course of episode one, with the darkest colour reserved for the scene where Dan insists that she get an abortion and she is clearly upset by it.

2. That the combo of bright colours and long sleeves/buttoned up necklines indicates a kind of push-pull between her and Dan – she wants him but she doesn’t trust him. (Amy is also hyper-conscious of her still-not-very-noticeable baby bump, which I think also contributes to her wearing all these 

3. That their costuming for 7.02 indicated that they weren’t communicating.

4. And I’ll quote this observation, about the lake-side dress, because it turned out to be right on the money: “I find the dress Amy’s wearing in the ‘stone-skimming’ scene particularly interesting – it’s got both red and pink in it, as well as blue, and covers her up almost completely, as though the entire dress is summing up all the romantic yearning for Dan that Amy has been trying to hide for such a long time… in a shot where he isn’t looking at her”

But the big one I got wrong was thinking that Amy and Selina wearing the same shade of pink was a sign that they were connecting in this episode. What I think it actually was (though I’d have to rewatch the episode to be sure) was a way to distinguish Selina’s Amy and Tom’s Amy – Amy wears pink like Selina, and I think Michelle wore blue like Tom, in that first scene (or maybe there was some other colour link, I’d have to check).

For all the Amy-Selina shippers out there – note that Tom is sleeping with his Amy.

More seriously, the principle that pink or red indicates vulnerability for Amy still seems to hold true – I don’t think we’ve seen any more instances of it in the behind the scenes pics? (Though we haven’t seen much of Anna at all in the back half of the season – which is going to make doing these posts a lot harder, because I have no advance knowledge. Costuming isn’t usually the first thing I look at when I watch an episode).  But what we have seen seems to bode well for the future, at least so far as Amy’s confidence goes. (Setting aside my discomfort with confidence being equated with conventional notions of attractiveness – with the way they’ve styled Amy in the past, I don’t think Veep was ever going to fulfil my hopes on this one).

As for whether I’ll do a season assessment post – I think that depends on whether I think there’s anything additional to say. And also how easy it is for me to get hold of pics – searching for photos of all the outfits is always the most challenging part of the process.