I’m so glad someone else (shamefully) lo…

I’m so glad someone else (shamefully) loves the Dan and Selina dynamic. Their interactions are the best — I actually didn’t catch the thing about the smoothie in 7×01 until you pointed it out. One of my favorites would have to be their mutual manic happiness when they find out Selina’s going to be president. I was curious what your favorite is?As horrible as they are, I’m crossing my fingers that we get more of them this season; it’s definitely one of the things I miss from the earlier seasons.

I remember thinking at some point in season 5 that I really missed their one-to-one interactions, so I’m really glad we’re getting at least some bits that are just them this year.

They are so similar is the thing – the comment on Dan having “5% that still needs to be loved” could just as easily apply to Selina. They both have ‘fairest of them all’ complexes, a majestic ability to assume consequences will somehow not apply to them, a somewhat underdeveloped capacity for empathy (Dan’s “I thought she was in a good mood” illustrates that beautifully), a considerable sexual appetite (though Selina’s seems healthier than Dan’s, to me), and both of them have developed emotional attachments to people who are on the surface more…socially acceptable in their behaviour, but in actuality far more ruthless than Dan or Selina could ever be.

Which is probably why they’ve never had any real sexual chemistry – they’re just too similar as characters. If they ever hooked up they’d be so busy adoring their own reflections they’d never get down to the business of actually having sex. Like, people say Dan and Amy are a matched set, but I honestly think he has far more in common with Selina, personality wise.

Which is probably where the mutual admiration society comes from – they kind of get each other on an instinctive level. (Notice when Selina is considering whether to use the shooting for political cover at her announcement, the first person she looks at is Dan).

Reid Scott andJulia Louis-Dreyfus are fun to watch together – their scenes get to be pure comedy in ways that rarely happen when they’re playing against their respective love interests. Like, I love the Dan trying not to pick Selina up scene in 2.01 or…really everything in the drinks scene when she’s made him campaign manager, or when Dan is so overwhelmed with joy he damn near folds himself in half so he can hug Selina in 2.10, something no one does in Veep. Or Selina “tearing him a six pack of new assholes” during Jonah’s campaign. Or even Dan’s little pep talk to her in season 2, during the interview that goes wrong – he gets through to her when Amy can’t.

And yes that little dance of joy the two of them do when Selina becomes President is bizarrely adorable – they’re so in tune and so delighted with each other’s narcissism that they barely notice anyone else in the room.

Veep’s cast has always been one of its greatest strengths, and one of the things that shows how strong the cast is that so many of the rarer character pairings are so much fun to watch. (Though I do think Sue’s quality of indifferent common sense was…maybe not funny in and of itself, but really useful as a bringing the insanity of everyone else into focus. It’s a shame Sufe Bradshaw to step back – she was always particularly fun playing off Tony Hale and Kevin Dunn).

Fingers crossed we get more of them before the season ends.