I don't think anyones talked about the fa…

I don't think anyones talked about the fact that in the same episode Amy said she was thinking about having the baby she also went to the bar to get drunk….

I noticed that during the episode too, anon, but it didn’t really register until now. I don’t think Amy, who was considering keeping the baby and having it on her own would be that irresponsible, no matter how hurt she was. It’s possible being in the bar was enough to calm her down because at least she didn’t have to hear what was happening. She could have ordered a non-alcoholic drink. But I guess it could go both ways? They weren’t kidding when they said that this season is pretty dark. 

Poor Amy though, I feel so bad for her. And it’s going to get worse. I really hope that Dan is nice to her in this episode during the rock skipping scene. It’s the least he could do (although any moments of niceness will make what happens worse, imo). It’s been so long since that’s happened. Remember when he would actually do nice things for her like running in front of her to open the door so she could walk through, or getting her out of the hospital, so she wouldn’t have to spend time with her family, or getting rid of Richard? I miss those moments so much :((