veepdaily: Mom, you cannot tell the baby “N-O…


Mom, you cannot tell the baby “N-O”. “N-O” is a negative rejoinder. We don’t want to constrain Little Richard developmentally…

Every parent has thought their baby is being an asshole at some point, I guarantee it.

But wow, the baby playing Little Richard is WAY too big – going by the most generous timeline he would be three months old (except he can’t be, because Amy clearly isn’t more than 18 weeks pregnant, at most, and it’s likely less, and she conceived six to eight weeks before he was born) and that baby is developed enough to hold his (or her, who knows at that age) head and body upright. Not to mention how much hair he has.

Admittedly, I think because of labour laws (and simple practicality) most film crews will cast as ‘old’ a baby as they can, but even so, I’d say that kid is at least nine months old, if not older. That or Catherine gave birth to the most enormous baby in history, in which case her depression is probably the result of undiagnosed PTSD.

Also, looking at her dress, there’s no way she’s breast-feeding – no way she’d wear something that zips up at the back. Which makes sense for the age that child clearly is, (you can start to wean babies from about four months, I think, though it’s generally advised to keep going for as long as possible) but not for the age Little Richard is supposed to be.

Little Richard is super-cute though – look at those cheeks! – and the way he’s leaning against Selina makes it look like he just wants to snuggle with someone who can maintain at least some degree of calm, i.e. not Catherine.