so I sent this to @casliyn but I like getting …

so I sent this to @casliyn but I like getting lots of opinions 🙂 if you rewatch the promo for 7×02 the dress amy wears when she tells Selina she’s pregnant is the same as the breakfast scene where dan is wearing the plaid shirt, same as the one in the ‘I need a minute’ gif. Do you think maybe ‘I need a minute’ is after everyone finds out about the pregnancy?

*minor spoilers*

1. Kent already knows, based on his already established degree of pregnancy knowledge.  Ben may also know, as he has children, plural, so has presumably been around pregnant women before, and he isn’t as self-absorbed as Selina.

2. Going by the behind the scene pictures, Dan is in that scene between Amy and Selina – just not in shot at that point.  So the actual ‘revelation’ scene may be confined to Gary, Selina, Dan and Amy, as the only people present.

As for your main question – it could be after that scene, or…it could be after the inevitable scene where the Amy Clone working in Tom James’ campaign shoots him down (as, per some of the articles, she has…other interests).  Dan is so vain that being actually rejected by a woman – let alone a woman who so closely resembles Amy – could very well be enough to knock him temporarily for six.