Veep Style – Jonah, season seven

I’ve talked a little about Amy, Selina and Catherine already, but I want to take a moment to admire what the costume designer has done with Jonah this year. (As always, this post will be slightly guilt-ridden, at the thought that Tim Simmons might see it and think I’m talking about him instead of Jonah).

Because Jonah’s costuming is masterful.

As in season six with the bow ties, Jonah is still copying the styles of a men a generation older than he is, trying to appear authoritative by copying the way men with actual authority dress. Hence the braces.

Because Jonah did actually learn something from that Dan-Egan makeover in season five.

For a reminder:

Who would ever have thought Jonah Ryan could look so much like Christoper Reeve in Superman – right down to wearing a pair of, frankly ludicrous, glasses. I promise you, Dan knew exactly what imagery he was invoking there, and went about it absolutely purposefully.

Whereas Jonah’s new look…it’s like he remembers the broad strokes of what Dan was doing, but didn’t really understand what Dan was trying to achieve. Hence, he chooses…just the worst pair of glasses imaginable, the wrong shape, the wrong colour, completely unflattering for him.

And his hair!

It’s so awful and oddly-shaped. And, since Tim Simmons actually has quite nice, thick hair in real life, I am blaming this one entirely on Jonah’s laziness. Why should he have to go the effort of styling it when he’s Jonah and he’s awesome and he already has a hot wife (poor woman) so fuck spending twenty minutes a day slicking his hair into the right style, he’d much rather buzz it and leave it at that.

Dan Egan would never.

He’s also gone back to his old habit of dressing in many different colours, in an attempt to seem bigger and take up more space – less so than in previous years, so, again, Dan clearly taught him something, just not enough (another sign of this – the huge watch). Notice how small his wife, who’s largely dressed in one colour, looks beside him. I can’t wait to see him in scenes with tiny little Amy – maybe I’ll finally get the Amy physically shoves Jonah up against a wall scene I’ve been pining for since season four.

Since neither Teddy nor Bill have an appreciable sense of style themselves – and Jonah has so many other problems as a candidate – they haven’t done anything about it.

It will be interesting to see how this evolves.

Btw, I know this is normally the territory of slashers, but how funny would a fic about Dan’s makeover be? I’m picturing a forty minute fight over the glasses, and a daily argument over hair gel, and Dan probably checking Jonah over each morning before he leaves the hotel, to make sure he doesn’t, like, wear the wrong colour shoes or something. Kind of like that scene in Crazy Stupid Love, only much, much more abusive (and sweary, naturally) (look, I’m not proud of this, but my second “I love Dan” moment was when he sailed into Jonah’s office and effortlessly took over the campaign, so I clearly have deep-seated psychological problems).