I think we get a similar bar scene to s5 in 70…

I think we get a similar bar scene to s5 in 703 but Brie shows up and Dan fucks everything up again because he thinks with his dick and Amy finally decides to fuck it and up and runs of into the sunset and leaves dan a pining mess when he finally realises what he’s done

Well, based on my theory that Veep likes to present its characters with repeated opportunities to confront the same decisions, that seems more likely than not.  What I will be interested to see is whether it is exactly the same decision as in 5.02 – that is sex with Amy (which seems unlikely if she’s had an abortion immediately beforehand) versus sex with another woman (only in this instance one Dan may be attracted to) and a professional opportunity of some kind – and whether we will see Dan hesitate again.  (With as opaque as they’ve made his motivations regarding Amy ever since 5.03, I tend to think that if he does, we’re not going to see it).

Though as always, watch me wrong about this.

And I am all about Dan suffering, as it is about damn time, frankly, but… I think it’s aways worth remembering that much like Selina, as a general rule, Dan’s emotional affect (that is, the number of emotions he actually shows) is pretty limited.  (It’s one of their more sociopathic traits).  In other words, Dan pining and being miserable because Amy left him again and he’s lonely may not be something an observant person can actually distinguish from Dan just being a dick.

It may well be that the only genuine expression of Dan’s emotions towards Amy we’re going to get in words (as opposed to Reid Scott’s *heart eyes* gaze) will be when Amy discovers she’s pregnant for a second time, and decides to dump him on his ass, because she can’t stand to have a repeat of the current shitshow.  At which point, unless the writers are being sadistic beyond all measure, he will finally man the fuck up and tell her he’s sticking around.

Don’t get me wrong – I am all aboard the make Dan suffer train.  I’m just not sure we’re going to get it – or that it will be recognisable as such if we do.