What would you say are specific instances wher…

What would you say are specific instances where it is clear that Dan has feelings for Amy? I’m trying to think of some and I can’t really think of any moment where it’s like clear he is into her. Because sleeping with her could just mean nothing for him! Or could be everything to him! We get like no scenes from his perspective and it’s infuriating because I need to know how he feels!!!

The only scenes from Dan’s perspective I can think of in the last two years are the bar scene in 5.02 (the camera shows us his disappointment at Amy leaving and the momentary hesitation) and the interview scene in 6.03.

And that is absolutely purposeful.

If they fill us in on Dan’s perspective, the suspense will be lost – once his feelings (such as they are) are clear, we know how the story ends.

For what it’s worth, I am expecting this to shift soon. If Amy flips out on him in 7.03, and shortly after leaves, which is what seems likely to happen, I think the show will start to put us in his perspective and the suspense will be generated by whether or not Amy’s going to give him a second chance or not. (She should kick him in the nads first).

As for moments that make it clear he’s into her, I can think of a few. His explosion of jealousy over Ed, not sabotaging her when they were competing for campaign manager, wanting her to leave Selina with him in season 2, scooping her up to come work with him in season 4 (which he really didn’t have to do), offering her a job in season 6, taking time during his panic attack to tell her what a good friend she is…

There are a lot more overt moments from Dan than you might think – he just tends to express his feelings in rather backwards ways.

I also think that in some ways, Dan’s feelings for Amy have been more openly portrayed than hers for him. I don’t think we’ve ever seen her gaze at him the way he has at her in 6.10 or 7.01 – also, see this promo pic for 7.02.

You know Dan’s looking at Amy, even though she’s barely in the photo, because of the smitten look on his face. She would never be that open with him – the closest she’s come is 5.02, and even there, she’s not nearly as open.

I’ve always argued that Dan is more in love with Amy than she is with him – he’s just a profoundly terrible person, so it doesn’t express itself in remotely admirable ways.