What I'm most confused about is the diffe…

What I'm most confused about is the difference in Dan's reaction at the end of last season and how he's acting now. You wouldn't expect someone who says "Fuck, I thought things were starting to turn around" to act so oblivious and like nothing is going to change. It seemed like Dan understood that this would affect him at the end of last season. But now he just expected a quiet abortion without any affect on their relationship or life?

Well, I guess that’s the million dollar question. Is Dan oblivious, or is he wilfully acting oblivious, because that’s more likely to get him what he wants?

I should say, I don’t think he’s made a conscious calculation to ignore everything Amy’s telling him – his behaviour would be more pointed, nastier if that were the case – but I think he’s kind of convinced himself that everything is going to turn out the way he wants, and is repressing any knowledge to the contrary.

I’m sure he’s telling himself that Amy never wanted kids, and she got over the Sophie thing, so she’ll get over this, and now that they work together it’s not possible for her to ditch him without warning, and on and on and on.

That’s his coping mechanism, and obviously it’s not a good one. The only upside I can think of is that it signals Dan having at least some concept of what parenthood actually is – if he was breezy and chilled at the thought of looking after an infant, I would have questions.

But to be honest, he’s not thinking more than a day ahead at the moment. If he were, I think he would have realised that it simply isn’t possible for his relationship with Amy to go unchanged – even if she were totally willing to go ahead and have an abortion, his behaviour around it, the degree to which he is willing to support her, is something she’s always going to remember – and he’s hardly covering himself in glory.

So yeah, he knows this is going to change things, he’s just going to do everything he can to ignore that fact until Amy makes it literally impossible for him to do so.