So apparently dan and Richard are going to be …

So apparently dan and Richard are going to be spending more time together do you think that Richards positive attitude and good influence might be what stops dan from being a dick to amy and help him realise his feelings?

Let me think.

Dan is never going to stop being a dick, let’s be clear about that for a start.

Also, it strikes me that marooning Dan with Richard is exactly the kind of thing Amy would do as a way of punishing him/keeping him at arm’s length if he ever joins Jonah’s campaign.

What will get him to stop being so horrific to Amy is the cost-benefit analysis – that’s how he approaches every relationship, and I see no reason why that will change.

When he looks at the situation rationally and realises it’s a choice between Amy or no-Amy, he will, eventually, know which to choose. It’s just that he’s going to have to be dragged kicking and screaming to the point of actually making that choice, because he’s a child, and they need a way of dragging out the relationship tension to the end of the show.

And then of course, once he’s decided to be with Amy, he’ll discover the many, many ways having a pretty blonde wife and some cute children can help his image, and the true scheming will begin. God help the world.